One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


103. what he texts you when you're upset

Harry: He sends you a bunch of weird selfies. He loves putting a smile on your face, especially when you're upset. And when he isn't there in person to make you smile, the only option is to make you smile via text message.

Niall: He'll let you vent to him. He'll ask you what's wrong, and just let you go all out on your keyboard. He really doesn't mind listening, and he likes helping you with your frustrations. Once you've let it all out, you normally feel better.

Zayn: You're rarely ever in bad moods or upset, but usually when you are it's because you miss Zayn. So when he knows you're upset, and he can't be there to make you happy, he'll send videos of literally every little thing. Even if it's just him brushing his teeth. Anything to make you smile.

Louis: He sends jokes and chat up lines. Nothing makes you laugh more than Louis' cheesy one liners. They're so dumb and not necessarily funny, and that's what you love about them. His chat up lines are literally the best, and always put a pretty big smile on your face as well.

Liam: He'll text you asking if you want to skype. You always say yes, and just by seeing his smile bright up the screen of your laptop, all of your feelings about being upset fades away.

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