One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


69. Weird Pregnancy Cravings

“Louis, Louis…” You chanted softly at the sleeping boy next to you. You were having a movie night in but since you chose a chick flick, Louis fell asleep halfway through it. Normally you would left him sleep but now you were eating for two, and the second wanted beef jerky and applesauce. Normally you would be appalled by suggesting such a thing but it sounded delicious at the moment. “Huh? Is the movie over?” He asked yawning and stretching his arms. “Not yet, but I want some apple sauce.” You said, pausing the movie. “Don’t we have that in the pantry?” He asked. “Yes but we don’t have beef jerky…” You trailed off, rubbing your belly. “I’m sure James is going to get a good laugh about this.” He said standing up and heading towards the room to get his wallet. “Oh hush! It’s not like the whole convenience store knows about my weird food combinations.” “Oh but they do, I think they’re also having bets going on to see what your next craving will be.” He said coming out from the room, car keys and wallet in his hand. He kissed you softly and headed out to the store to get your food and of course tell everyone what weird things you were craving.

You woke up for what seemed to be the fifth time tonight, it was around two o’ click in the morning and you had an immense craving for French fries. Not just French fries but ice cream too, you rubbed your protruding baby bump softly and began shaking Zayn’s sleeping figure. “Babe, wake up.” You whispered softly, not wanting to scare him. “Huh?” He muttered, still asleep. “ZAYN!” You exclaimed, grabbing his attention immediately as he sprung wide awake. “What is it? Is the baby coming?!” He asked, panicking. “No, no. I just want some French fries… And since we have none in the house, could you go get me some? Oh! And some ice cream too?” You said smiling. “Last week it was cinnamon pretzels now this…” He said chuckling softly while putting on a hoodie and grabbing his keys and wallet from the side table. “I’ll be back in a bit.” He said while kissing your forehead and heading towards his car to get your food.

Harry was somewhere around the house but all that mattered to you was that he wasn’t in the kitchen to see your latest craving, and probably the oddest. You went to the cabinet to go and gather your ingredients and a plate. You had just about prepared your snack when you heard Harry walking into the kitchen. “Oh god, Y/N, what is that awful smell?” You looked over to him with puppy dog eyes, not wanting him to judge you, “Nothing.” “Doesn’t smell like nothing, seriously what is that?” You displayed the contents to him, “Really? Pickles and cream cheese wrapped in bacon?” You shook your head, “But you have no idea how good it tastes!” He shook his head and laughed, “What ever makes Sebastian happy”, he said while gently rubbing your swollen belly. He softly kissed your forehead, which he did on purpose, “Sorry babe, I love you, but I’m not kissing you after eating that.” You both laughed together before you snuck a kiss on his lips while he was in the midst of laughing. “Gotcha”, you said playfully.

“Psst, Psssst, babe”, you said trying to wake Niall up from his deep sleep. It must’ve been around three o’clock in the morning, but you didn’t care. Whatever the baby wants, the baby gets and Niall wasn’t going to protest to that. “Babe, wake up. It’s an emergency.” He suddenly shook from his dream, “What? Whats wrong, is the baby ok?”, he said frantically. “Yes the baby is fine, sort of…but we’re out of strawberry ice cream.” He look at you for a couple of seconds, “Ok, where’s my keys?” “Thank you babe, we appreciate it”, you said with a big smile. When you heard Niall jiggle the keys in the door you went downstairs, “Thank you baby”, you kissed him, “You go back to sleep ill be up in a minute.” You got a spoon and the tub of ice cream, a bowl wasn’t needed. When you got up to bed you sat down and started eating. Niall turned over because of a sudden crunching noise, “Babe, I’m pretty sure strawberry ice cream doesn’t crunch, what did you put in there?” You looked over to him, “Goldfish, duh. The baby gets what the baby wants, and apparently he wants goldfish and strawberry ice cream.” He laughed sleepily and placed a hand on your protruding belly while mumbling, “I love you two.”

“Babe! Where are you?” Liam came running into the room, “What’s up?” “We don’t have whipped cream, and that’s a problem”, you said with a serious face. “It seems like it is, ok I’ll go get some.” “Thank you, best husband and daddy-to-be ever.” Liam returned with your much needed whipped cream and practically ran towards him to get it. “Jeez, thank you, it’s about time.” You waddled towards the kitchen, “So whatcha using the whipped cream for?”, Liam asked. “Oh I’m just putting it on top of my mac and cheese”, you said as a matter of factly. “Oh heavens, Y/N, that is just awful”, he said while scrunching his face. “It’s really not that awful when you’re pregnant, so when you get pregnant then you let me know.” He laughed at you, “Well don’t you have quite the sense of humor”, he put his hand on your belly and rubbed it gently, “Hopefully you won’t have such a smart mouth like mommy, princess.” He smiled and kissed you softly on the lips.

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