One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


96. tattoos

Harry: You walked hand in hand through the small tattoo parlor. Harry was at it again. You hadn't minded his tattoos at all really. Although some did look a bit silly, they all meant something to him, which is all that mattered right? "I'll convince you to get one one day." He nudged your shoulder as you shook your head. "Needles? No thank you." He smirked. "How about if we match em?" You thought for a moment. "Maybe." He leaned down to kiss your cheek, pulling you into the back room as you watched him get inked for what seemed to be the thousandth time.

Niall: Your head was on Niall's bare chest. He was still asleep although the hours of the morning were long gone. You traced your fingers along his torso, drawing imaginary lines and tracing the contours in his tummy. You thought of Niall with tattoos, and how hot he'd look with the black ink scattered along his seemingly perfect body. The thought itself sent chills down your spine. "Having fun?" You smiled and nodded, your fingers never leaving his skin. "Maybe some day there'll be some real tattoos, so you don't have to 'draw' them anymore, yeah?" You smirked and nodded again, leaning up to place a kiss on his lips.

Zayn: "This ones my favorite." You traced the letters on his arm that spelt out 'Zap'. He smiled as he watched your fingers trace every outline, every detail of the single tattoo. "Why?" You shrugged your shoulders. "Reminds me of a superhero." He laughed as you pulled your very best heroic pose. "A superhero ey?" You nodded your head before falling back into his chest. "Well if that's what it is to you, that's what it shall be to me. A superhero tattoo. Neat."

Louis: "I like him," You traced Louis' stick figure tattoo. "He's a real cutie." He laughed as soon as you said it. "What?" He shook his head. "Are you jealous that I find him cute as can be?" He smirked. "No, because at the end of the day he's not the one rocking your bed." Your mouth dropped open. "Louis!" He lifted his hands up in defense. "Hey don't look at me. Little Jimmy over here started it." You shook your head at him. You couldn't decide whether to hit him for saying such a thing, or laugh because he's named his tattoo guy Jimmy.

Liam: "The tattoos complete the whole badass look." Liam sat on the sofa and smirked to himself. "I mean, you've got the muscles, the deep voice, and haircut." His cheeks flushed to a pinkish color as you kept going on. "And to top it all off, you're a killer in the bedroom." You winked as he looked down with cheeks bright red. "Fuck you tattoos. See what you've done to me!" You laughed at your seemingly turned on bo

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