One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


109. something you do that annoys him

Harry: You're always cracking your knuckles! Harry literally cringes every time he hears the sound of your knuckle popping. Every time you go to crack your knuckles and he's around, he'll get up and walk away just so he doesn't have to hear it!

Niall: You're constantly moving around. Whether it's tapping your fingers on a table or desk, shaking your leg, or literally getting up and out of your seat. He get's annoyed with it at times, especially when the two of you try to watch a movie together.

Zayn: Biting your nails! He absolutely hates it! There had been times where he literally had to take your hand out of your mouth for you, that's how much he hates it. You don't even notice you're doing it sometimes, but he certainly does.

Louis: When you tell a story, you have a tendency to say like a lot. You don't even notice it until he brings it up. "Babe is it really that bad?" Louis tends to laugh about it afterwards, which only makes you feel the need to laugh along with him. "Yeah, it really is."

Liam: You're always stealing the blankets off of him during the night. He'll wake up curled into a ball on the side of you, whilst you're in a blanket cocoon. He brushes it off like he doesn't care, but will bring it up every time it's time to get to bed.

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