One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


118. something he always steals from you

Harry: Your phone cases. Let's face it, you change your phone case way too many times to count. Instead of going and buy one for himself, he'll steal a bunch of yours! He loves 'em. Besides, whenever he's using his phone (which is quite a lot) he thinks of you.

Niall: Your food. If you and Niall are out to lunch, or dinner, or even just going to grab a snack, Niall will always pick off of your plate. He could have all of the food in the world on his plate, but he will still go in for a piece from your plate.

Zayn: The blankets. He's always yanking and pulling the blanket away from you during the night. You often wake up with absolutely no covers on, and he's got the whole comforter wrapped around him like he's in some cocoon or something.

Louis: Your tee shirts. You have a lot of pretty cool graphic tees in your closet, and Louis' not that much bigger than you, so he often takes them to wear. It's a bit funny that your boyfriend can fit into your tee shirts, but not by much! You wear them big anyway!

Liam: Your drinks. If you have a bottle of water with you, or any drink really, it'll be half gone within the first two minutes of having it. You hadn't realized until a while after he'd started

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