One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


126. some fans are being rude and he defends you

Harry: For the first time in what seems to be forever, the weather in London was absolutely beautiful. It was sunny, but a tad chilly. You and Harry decided to get up and out of your flat and go for a quick walk to enjoy the nice weather while it lasted. A few of Harry's fans had stopped you guys for a couple of pictures. You couldn't help but overhear one of the conversations two of the fans were having about you. They were saying some pretty awful stuff about you. "Excuse me?" Harry was in the middle of signing something for another fan, but stopped as soon as he heard the conversation. "It's rude and extremely disrespectful of you to say those things about my girlfriend." He finished signing the girls book, and took your hand and walked away.

Niall: Niall really hates ignorant people. He hates them more than anything in the world. Even more than not being able to drink in America. So when you and Niall went out to dinner and a few rude fans came up to you to tell you how you didn't deserve him, he just snapped. "How dare you say something like that!" The two girls looked at Niall scared. They kind of hung their heads low in embarrassment with their cheeks flushed a deep shade of pink. "If anything I'm the one that doesn't deserve her! She's beautiful, and perfect in every single way possible." The fans mumbled to you that they were sorry, and hurried away from the table without even bothering to ask for a picture.

Zayn: You're always getting sent rude things on twitter. Some people just have no boundaries. But the past couple of days it seems people have gotten even ruder! 'You're not good enough for Zayn' 'Zayn and Perrie were way cuter' 'you're fatter than your boyfriend how pathetic!' You never let it get to you before, but for whatever the reason may be today it was getting to you real bad. "Zayn?" He looked up from his plate of food. "Maybe the fans are right. Maybe I'm not goo-" "No!" He slammed his fork down onto his plate, his eyes never leaving yours. "Don't even say that!" You looked down and pushed your food around with your fork. You and Zayn sat in silence for a few minutes, the sound of vibration from your phone being the only thing disturbing the silence. It was a notification from twitter. '@zaynmalik: @y/t/n makes me rly happy can u all plz respect tht?'

Louis: You knew that being in a relationship with Louis would come with loads of hate. Some days were harder than others, and he always did his best to comfort you. Today, while heading over to Louis' place, you were swarmed by a group of fangirls. They kept screaming things at you like 'Larry's real!' or 'You're a beard' or 'he's in love with Harry not you'. You walked past them, trying to ignore their words as best as you could. You walked into Louis' flat and ran straight into his arms. He could tell something was wrong by the way you buried your face into his chest. "Babe what's the matter?" You didn't answer him. "Is it the fans? What'd they say this time?" Before you could answer he was out the door to his flat and had a little chat with the girls outside.

Liam: Liam decided to take you out for dinner tonight. "Just cause" was his explanation. As you two left the restaurant with huge smiles on your faces and hands intertwined, a group of fans practically flew to Liam's side. You smiled and backed away so that they could have a few minutes with one of their idols. A few of the girls were nice, and even asked for you to join in on the pictures. "Ew, why would I want your ugly face in a picture with me and my future husband?" "Why would I want yours in a picture with me?" The girl looked at Liam with a shocked reaction, and he kissed your cheek. "You had it coming to you love, sorry." He smiled and took your hand, leading you to the car.

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