One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


74. skinny dipping

Harry: "Come on! Don't be shy!" Harry was already running towards the water, a trail of his own clothes being left behind. "Harry, we'll get caught!" He was just sliding out of his boxers and into the lake as the words left your mouth. "What are you waiting for!?!" You rolled your eyes before pulling off your shorts and shirt, running in there after him.

Niall: It started off as nothing but a fun little game. Your naked bodies were intertwined in the cool water. Your lips pressed to his as your hands fumbled his hair. His eyes almost sparkled under the moonlight, even brighter than the stars.

Zayn: "I don't think it's a good idea." It was a hot summer night at the lakehouse, and the two of you were dying to swim...why not naked? "C'mon, it'll be fun." You grabbed his hand as you led him to the water, leaving behind items of clothing as you inched further and further towards the water.

Louis: Between the almost icy cold water splashing against your skin, and the fact the two of you could be caught at any minute, the whole night was exhilirating. The two of you laughed, kissed, splashed, and swam around for hours. Nothing but your naked bodies and the moon to keep you both company.

Liam: "I've got an idea," you said, pulling off your top in the process. You started to unhook your bra before Liam had the slightest clue. Entrigued, he too slid his own shirt and shorts off, before grabbing your hand and taking you towards the water.

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