One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


52. Noticing the scratches you left

You woke up to the sound of Liam taking a shower. You could hear him quietly humming.You laid in the bed for and waited for him to come out. When he did, a towel was wrapped around his waist and he smiled at you. "Good morning love!" You said to him while he was picking out clothes. "Morning... so Y/N" He said turning to you smirking. "So Liam" You said confused. "You left some pretty gruesome scratches on my back" He said turning around. There were long red lines on his toned back and you winced because it looked like it really did hurt. "I'm really sorry!" you said quickly, "I won't do it next time. " you said blushing, "Hey don't worry about it babe" he said walking over to you. He brushed your hair of your neck and stared at it. "What?" you said feeling your neck, pain shot through on the side when you touched it "Uh, N-nothing" He said turning red "Liam! What is it?" you said slightly nervous You got up and walked to the mirror and saw a huge black and blue love bite on the side of your neck. "Shit" you said lightly touching it. "I'm gonna need a lot of cover up" You said walking away to go find your makeup bag.

You woke up tangled in a mess of white sheets with no clothes on. You knew exactly what happened and you blushed. Louis wasn't next to you but you heard him down stairs in the kitchen probably making some tea for the two of you. You got up, put on some panties and threw on Louis's shirt and headed downstairs. "Well, well,well" Louis said putting the newspaper in front of him. "Look who it is Edward Scissorhands" He said getting up.You laughed one because of his terrible joke and two you laughed because you were confused. "Edward Scissorhands?" You said raising an eyebrow. "You'll understand in a second" He said taking his shirt off to reveal small but deep scratches all over his chest and some on his stomach. You gasped at him and blinked a few times. "Did...did I do that?" you said hesitantly touching them "Yup" he said smiling. "I can't wait to go show the boys!" He said happily while walking away. You just shook your head hoping he wouldn't do such a thing.

You were laying in bed watching TV and Zayn was in the bathroom doing who know what. You hear a couple of bottles drop and Zayn mutter swear words and you got curious so you walked over to the door and peered in. "God dammit" He said under his breath while looking at his back and some of his butt in the mirror. "Zayn? Um... what are you doing?" You said walking in "Just cleaning up some cuts" He said coolly . You slightly nodded your head and walked over to him. "How'd you get those cuts?" You said staring into his eyes. "The... the um...gym." He said avoiding your intimidating gaze. "You did not!"  You said accusingly. "They're from me aren't they!" You said pointing at him. "Baby... why wouldn't you tell me?" you asked softly. "I don't know.. I just don't want you to think you have to be more careful when know..."He said smugly "Never in a million years" you said strutting out of the bathroom.


You and Niall were lying on the couch being lazy and watching TV. He got up to go get some food and when he sat back down he was wincing. "What's wrong?" You said leaning closer to him. "Nothing'swrongjustafewscrathces." He said quickly. But you heard him say something about scratches. "Niall take your shirt off." You demanded "Y/N I love doing it with you but I'm kind of busy right now." He said pointing to the food in his hands. "Not for that. I scratched you last night didn't I?" You said grabbing his shirt and lifting it up." Yeah but they don't hurt" He puffing his chest out. You looked to see very deep scratches on his neck and his back. "Oh my god! Niall! these are going to get infected if we don't clean them up!" You said dragging him to the bathroom. "But it's going to sting!" He whined "oh boo-hoo" you said mocking his tone.

You were sitting on the island in the kitchen flipping through a fashion magazine. You just woke up from a wild night with Harry and you couldn't be more sore or tired. You heard his slow but heavy foot steps make their way down the stairs. He emerged into the kitchen, of course naked, "Harry!" you said shielding your eyes. "Wait! Y/N before you say anything I have a reason to be naked" He said strolling over to you"Oh then what is it?" You said trying to keep your focus on his face "Well remember last night?" he said knowing the answer "Yes now spit it out why are you naked?" You said annoyed "This" he said turning around to show you long skinny scratches going down his back and making their way onto his bum. Your eyes got wide and you turned a dark red. "Sorry" you squeaked "Babe you saying sorry? I'm glad I have these It lets me know I have a feisty girlfriend" He said huskily and walking away.

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