One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


94. miscarriage

Harry: It happened so suddenly. There was no way of even knowing it would happen. One minute your lying in bed wrapped in Harry's arms, the next you're turning on the light because the sheets are soaked. He rushed you into the bathroom, helping you wash up. He stripped the sheets before laying you back down, cuddling up behind you. The two of you lay awake the rest of the night, too much in shock to fall back asleep, too upset to talk.

Niall: You thought maybe the cramps would go away on they're own, it was nothing right? But after a week of pain, you decided to go in for an appointment and make sure everything was alright. When he told you the news, it had felt like your heart had just shattered into pieces. Later that night when Niall came home to a near silent house, he snuggled beside you in bed, placing his hand on your tummy like he always had. He knew by the look on your face as soon as his hand met your skin. You'd never seen him so upset. He wanted this more than anything.

Zayn: "What do you mean gone?" Zayn's tone of voice was nothing but hurt as soon as you told him the news. He'd been over the moon when he found out of your pregnancy, and now it was ripped away from him. Zayn's not big on crying in front of people, he'd just rather not, but that night was one of the only times you'd ever seen him so hurt. "It just sucks loving something so much, and just having it suddenly taken away from you." The two of you layed in each other's arms the majority of the night not saying a word; not needing to. Just having each other there was enough.

Louis: "Something's not right," You and Louis were lying in bed one night. You were not too far along with your pregnancy, but just enough to show. You got up and went to the bathroom, only to discover you had a miscarriage. "Louis!" He ran to the bathroom, throwing his own hands over his mouth as soon as he discovered what went wrong. "No, no, no, no, no, this can't happen!" Tears soon began spilling from both of your eyes as the little baby in your belly was no longer there for the both of you to love.

Liam: Liam was away on tour when you'd found out about the miscarriage. You felt so alone at one of the worst possible times. You needed him to be there and to hold you and help you through it. How on earth could you tell him being so far away? He'd be crushed, and the rest of the tour would be rough for him. But it had to be done, and within a few hours he was laying with you in bed holding you tight, leaving the rest of the boys to finish the tour without him.

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