One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


76. how you tell him the gender of the baby while he's on tour

Harry: You had the choice of waiting the few extra weeks til he arrived back, or go find out yourself. The wait was absolutely killing you, so you went for yourself. When the doctor told you you were having a baby girl, you knew exactly how to tell him. You had told Zayn, and had asked him to give him a single pink cupcake. On the box it came in, you had him draw a baby bottle. After putting two and two together, he was overly excited to find out he was having a girl!

Niall: Niall wanted to be there so badly. He was absolutely gutted the day you knew you were going to find out. He didn't want to miss it for the world! After being told you were having a boy, you were super excited to tell him! All he ever wanted was a baby boy. You had called him on skype later that night. When he had asked how everything went, you just smiled. You held up a single blue onesie, and his smile was bigger than anything you'd ever imagined!

Zayn: The moment you'd found out you were having a girl, you wanted to tell Zayn straight away. He'd been so antsy the past few days, being so far way and all. He'd wanted to be there with you, but he couldn't let his fans down. You took to twitter that evening, tweeting 'I wonder if baby Malik will look just like HER daddy ;) @zaynmalik'. Seconds later your phone lit up with his number, and he was ecstatic.

Louis: You found out yesterday afternoon that you were having a baby boy. Louis was super busy yesterday, and every time you'd tried calling, he couldn't talk much. So today when he'd called, he was completely clueless you'd known the sex. "When he's born I hope your touring will be a little less crazy." The other end was quiet for a few minutes, before he picked up and totally freaked!

Liam: It was weird going to find out the sex without Liam there. He'd gone to every single one of your appointments. You'd known how much he hated to miss this, and you almost wanted to wait til he got back. But you were getting too excited, and just had to know. It's a girl! You'd texted him, not knowing if he were too

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