One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


56. How he likes you to wear your hair

He likes it when you just come out of the shower and blow dry it, leaving your hair fluffy and curly, just like his. Oh and it smells like apples ;)

When the two of you are having a lazy day, you just put your hair into a messy bun and he loves the way it bounces around as you walk, matching both of your bubbly personalities!

He loves it when your hair is in a high pony tail, rocking a small poof with your bangs. It reminds him of his own hair, a bit like a ski jump ;)


When your hair is in a braid, a few strands running loose, He runs his fingers over the smooth curves as he tucks the loose pieces behind your ear and kissing your temple softly.

Considering his new love for Snapbacks, he likes it when you leave your hair down naturally and chucking on one of his hats. Even princesses need a break from beauty ;)


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