One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


128. his favorite thing about you

Harry: The way you throw your head back and clap when you laugh. You absolutely hate it, but there's something about it that he finds He loves everything about your laugh in general.

Niall: Your appetite. He loves that he's found a girl who can eat just as much as he does. He loves that you can just eat, and eat and not worry about counting calories. He loves it almost too much.

Zayn: You're not bothered by his fame. You could really care less about Zayn's money or fame. You love him for him, and that's what he loves the most about you. You'd love him no matter what.

Louis: Your sense of humor. It's no secret that Louis' a big prankster, or that he's always telling jokes and having a fun time. You don't mind that at all. You take all of his pranks like a champ.

Liam: Your love for the fans. If you and Liam are on a date together, you don't mind if a fan comes up and asks for a picture or an autograph. You were a fangirl once too. You get where they're coming from.

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