One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


112. he's in denial after you break up (his POV)

Harry: "Come on mate! Cheer up! You're a single man now!" I shook my head vigorously, almost wincing at the words he just said. 'You're a single man now.' It feels as if I'm not though. I can never seem to get her off my mind. She's mine, she always will be. Mine. I still love her. I always will.

Niall: Interview after interview. It never ends. I wish this lady would stop blabbing about the same five topics everyone already knows. "Let's get to the good things shall we? Who's got a girlfriend?" Instinctively, my hand shoots up high in the air, a huge grin spread across my face. The boys look at me as if I'm going insane, and that's when I realize I am. I lower my hand, sulking back in my chair. Dreading the rest of the interview. Dreading the days without her.

Zayn: "That's amazing!" Liam hung up the phone and screamed like a teenage girl. "What is it?" His smile never left his face. "We were just named number 1!" Me and the rest of the boys joined in on his excitement. I quickly dialed in her phone number, anxious to tell her the good news. "Hello? Zayn?" My smile left my face as I hung up the phone quickly. All of my excitement left my body as quickly as it entered. She's no longer mine, and it's just now hitting me.

Louis: It's all to much for me to handle sometimes. The countless amount of gigs, the signings and rehearsals. It gets too overwhelming. You almost always look forward to the time when you could just sit back and relax. Whether alone or with someone special. I've got someone. No, wait. I had someone. My busy schedule has failed me yet again, this time prying away the one thing keeping me sane. Her.

Liam: "Liam, what are you talking about? (Y/N) moved out." I looked up from my breakfast, a look of pure confusion sure to be spread across my face. I'd forgotten all of that. "Oh, right." I pushed around my eggs with my fork miserably, losing my appetite completely. She was really gone. No more sleepy time kisses, or good morning tea. No more any of that. It's all gone.

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