One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


110. height difference

Harry: He loves your tiny height so much. He always teases you about the fact that you're so much shorter than him, as well as giving you nicknames like 'Half Pint' or 'Munchkin'. But the banter goes both ways, as you could always tease him about being so tall.

Niall: You're a little bit shorter than Niall, but not by much! You're just about eye level with him lips, which you don't mind at all because I mean who would right? Niall himself isn't very tall, so he thinks your height is just perfect.

Zayn: There's actually no height difference at all. Zayn loves the fact that you're his height. He likes not having to crane his neck to bend down and give you a kiss, or have to look completely down to meet your eyes.

Louis: You've always been a little on the tall side. Normally it was really hard for you to find a guy tall enough to be in a relationship, or a guy to just love you for you rather than your height. Louis is a little shorter than you, but that phases him in the slightest! Besides, he thinks your super long legs are sexy.

Liam: You've always been taller than all of your previous boyfriends. But this time with Liam, you're the shorter one! By a very little bit though. He loves your height because he doesn't have to slouch to be at your level. He's pretty much already there!

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