One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


79. he takes care of you when you're sick

Harry: There's nothing you hate more than a common cold. Stuffy nose that runs, a sore throat with a cough, the heavy eyelids and overall 'dead' feeling, just isn't your thing. You'd been laying in bed all afternoon, moping and surrounded in many tissues. Harry, being the best boyfriend in the world, decided to take the day off completely, just to stay at home with you, and make sure you're okay.

Niall: The stomach bug. It's just awful, isn't it? For the past two days you'd done nothing but lay around, or puke that is. Everytime you'd try and eat, it'd make its way back up and out. Niall stood by you, holding your hair back, and just lending his support. He'd fetch you some soup, or an ice cold water. He'd bundle you up in blankets, and put on hundreds of old movies.

Zayn: Oh food poisoning, what a joy. Last night you'd ordered takeaway, and it's absolutely just not settling right. What went down, came right back up this morning. "I wish there was something I could do," Zayn said, playing with a loose strand of you hair. "Just, this. Hold me, it's not gonna make it go away, but it makes me feel better."

Louis: Your throat felt like it was swollen like a balloon! Tonsilitis, at this point, was your least favorite thing in the world. You didn't want to eat anything, as it'd hurt to go down. You didn't want to do much of anything really, the fever kicking you right in the arse. Louis brought over tubs and tubs of ice cream to spend the day eating, which made the situation a whole lot more managable.

Liam: You've been lying in what you call your death bed for practically three days now. Other than going to the bathroom, or switching to the couch, that's basically it. Flu season hit pretty rough this year, and got you good. Liam's made it his duty to make sure you're okay. He makes soup, gets medicine, tucks you in, and has even taken days away from the band and studio

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