One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


125. he meets your older brother

Harry: Your older brother was very protective over you. I mean, it's practically his job as the older brother to be protective. He came off as the type of guy to be really strict and mean, but he definitely wasn't. He was a real sweetheart and total softy. You knew he and Harry would get along just fine, but he was a little nervous. But you were right. A short while after you arrived at his house, he and Harry were deep in conversation about golf and other sports, barely letting you get the chance to talk as well!

Niall: Your older brother was very much like Niall. He was fun, carefree and never really let anything bother him too much. He didn't take life seriously at all. Which is exactly why you knew he and your charming boyfriend would get along so well. As soon as your brother stepped foot into you and Niall's shared flat, he acted as if he'd known the boy for years. He didn't even bother with pestering him with questions. They just went straight into football talk, leaving you to sit back smiling whilst listening in on their conversations.

Zayn: Zayn was super nervous to meet your older brother. He knows exactly how it is to have a little sister bring home a man that he knows nothing about. He's been there plenty of times. And most of the times, he hated half of the guys they'd brought home! He though for sure once you brought him home that your older brother would hate his guts! But he was worried for nothing. The two of them got along really quickly, and shared a keen interest in tattoos.

Louis: When the time had come for you to introduce your new boyfriend to your older brother, you were more nervous than Louis. Your brother had never come to like any of your past relationships, and you thought he'd react the same to this one. "Babe, everything'll be alright. So what if he doesn't like me? That won't make me love you any less." You nodded your head as you led him into your childhood home. You worried for nothing! Your brother loved Louis!

Liam: You had absolutely nothing to worry about. Liam was a total babe, and such a gentleman. Your brother would love your boyfriend just as much as your parents did. Your brother greeted you and Liam at the door with a pretty serious look on his face, and that's when Liam started to get nervous. Your brother kept the serious tone and expression for half of the night. "Ah Liam, I'm just fucking with ya! Look, you're an awesome guy. I trust my little sisters in good hands, yeah?" He smiled and nodded before giving you a quick kiss on the cheek.

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