One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


14. He Loves How…


You always get shy around strangers. He loves the way your cheeks turn pink as you smile shyly at someone you don’t know, the way you hide partially behind his arm from them. He loves the way you get embarrassed so easily, because he thinks it’s just adorable.



You always play with your hair. He loves the way you just daydream, twirling a lock of your hair around your finger, having no idea of the action you are performing subconsciously. He thinks you become even more beautiful when you fiddle with your hair.



When you’re trying to study, you tap your pencil or pen. He loves the way you tap your pen when you’re trying to figure out a hard math sum, or think of a line for your upcoming speech, the sound helping you think straight. He thinks you look intelligent and cute when you sit in a chair, tapping your pencil as you think.



You are always trying to help people, but you never expect anything in return. He loves how you are so selfless, and are willing to put others before you. He loves how you never expect anything in return for these favours you give, and he thinks it shows how amazing you really are.



You don’t judge people. He loves how you don’t talk badly about anybody you ever meet, even the people who judge and talk badly about you. He loves how you are always so nice to everybody, and how you never judge them. He thinks it makes you even more magnificent.

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