One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


13. He Hates How…


You don’t believe him when he tells you that you’re beautiful. He hates how you deny every compliment he ever makes, the way you think he’s lying when he tells you that you’re pretty. He wishes you would believe him, and he wants you to see just how beautiful you really are.



You say you’re okay, but you’re really not. He hates how you smile that fake smile, lying through your teeth to him when he asks if you’re alright. He wishes you would trust him and tell him the truth about how you really feel.



You don’t tell him things. He hates how you don’t tell him when something is upsetting you. He wishes you would trust him, because he really does trust you, and would never do anything to hurt you.



You are so clumsy. He hates how you are always tripping over things, hurting yourself. He knows you can’t help it, but he wishes you were less clumsy. It would make him stop worrying about you so much.



You sing. He hates how you always sing lyrics to songs badly, on purpose, because you don’t want him to hear you sing. You don’t think you’re a very good singer, and you’re very self-conscious when it comes to your voice. He wishes you would try to sing, he wants to help you get better. He thinks you’re amazing, no matter what, and you shouldn’t be so self-conscious.

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