One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


87. he does your makeup

Harry: "This is quite scary.." he said as he opened the mascara. His eyes were on the wand, and the thick and 'scary' bristles on the end. "You're telling me, you're sticking that near my eye!" He let out a laugh before bring the wand to your lashes and asking you to blink.

Niall: He took you up on the challenge as soon as you'd asked. He would watch you here and there in the mornings in amazement. "Well I know there's a lot of process into looking like you wish, and I know it's quite pointless because you're beautiful regardless, but I am so up for it."

Zayn: His hand gripped the foundation brush much like a preschooler would a paintbrush. He giggled as he brushed the liquid onto your skin. "I feel like I'm back in primary school!" His tongue was out his mouth in the slightest, a look of concentration spread across his face.

Louis: He stood before you, looking at the many different options and palates to choose from in front of him. "Well this looks like a load of crap in my eyes," you rolled your eyes, "but I do think we start here." He lifted a bottle which read 'concealer' and grabbed a brush, and he was off.

Liam: His lips were pursed to the side, while is brows were furrowed. He looked like he was trying so hard. "I don't get why you ladies do this every single day. It's such a process." You let out a laugh. "Beauty takes time." "But you're already so pretty without this stuff, you don't need it."

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