One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


1. He Cuts / Dyes Your Hair


You stare in horror at what had once been your beautiful hair, before casting a glance at the pile of hair on the bathroom floor.
You’d asked him for a trim, just an inch or so off, and now here you stood in front of the mirror with your hair up to your ears and a bunch of it on the floor.
Admittedly, he hadn’t meant to take so much off, but he kept cutting it uneven and he had to make sure it was straight so you didn’t look ridiculous. Of course, you looked ridiculous now too.
“I’m really sorry, babe,” he says, and he really means it, “I didn’t mean to-”
“It’s okay,” you smile, but it really isn’t. It’s horrible. Terrible. Catastrophic. “I’ll just wear a hat for the next few weeks.”
“I feel terrible.”
“Don’t. I’ll just never ask you to cut it again.”
He smirks, pecking your lips, “That sounds like a good idea.”



“Pink?” he asks, eyeing the box of hair dye suspiciously. He isn’t so sure about this; he loves your hair the colour it is, the way he can run his fingers so easily through it, the way it looks like a waterfall atop your head, flowing down your shoulders and back.
You nod, “Yup.”
“Pink?” he says again, “Are you sure this is going to look alright? I mean, it’s a little bright…”
“If it doesn’t, I can just wait till it grows out.”
He nods slowly, “What if I mess it up?”
“Just hurry up and put it in, Liam,” you huff, “If your hairstyling abilities are that horrendous, it’ll always grow back.”
He sighs, carefully reading the instructions before applying the hair dye.



“Are you sure you want that much off?” he questions, eyes widening a little when you tell him that you want about three inches off the ends.
“Yes,” you sigh, “I’m sure, Zayn.”
“Because, I mean, it might take a while for it to grow back so if you don’t like it-“
You cut him off, “I’m sure it will be fine.”
He nods, running his fingers through your hair, the scissors in his hand, but he’s still afraid to cut it; afraid that he might ruin the soft strands.
“It’s okay, Zayn,” you smile, “It’s just hair. It’ll grow back. And I’m sure it’ll look amazing anyway.”
He breathes deeply, smiles a little in response, and a short snip fills the room as he starts to trim your hair.



“I dare you to dye your hair!”
That was the dare that brought you here, seven words that tumbled from his lips to bring you to this moment. His hands were covered in dye which he was trying to scrub off, your shirt was ruined, and despite all that, you were genuinely enjoying your time messing around with Louis.
You were currently waiting the time specified on the box, bored out of your mind until Louis started messing around and making you laugh.
“What if it looks bad?” you ask him, “Like, really, really bad?”
“Then I’ll just tease you for the rest of your life,” he laughs, and then says seriously, “Either way, you’ll still be gorgeous, and I’ll still love you – even if your hair looks horrible.”
You roll your eyes at him.
Needless to say, your hair looked great, and Louis was sure to remind you constantly that it was in fact he who had dyed it.



“Niall James Horan!” you scream, and he giggles before rushing down the stairs. You hear a door slam shut, but you’re too caught up to really care; he could hide all he wanted, you’d find him eventually, and when you did you were going to return the favour.
He’d cut it – your hair – while you were sleeping, and although it was only a few strands, he’d cut it so short that it was very noticeable – especially when the now shoulder-length strands were beside your much longer hair. The shorter strands stood out like a sore thumb.
“You are so paying for my appointment at the salon!”

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