One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


48. Hard to wake up

"Damn you,Styles." You groan as you hit his back once more causing him to let out a strangled groan. "G'off of me." He whines burying his face under the sheets. As usual you have to resort to desoerate meaures "Fine," You say loud enough so he'll hear under the thick blanket "Guess I'll just have to get in the shower alone, just me... naked and alone in the sh..." before you finish he's up and rushing to the bathroom "m'up! m'up!"

He just likes to cuddle in the morning and that's why your late for work almost every morning and he's late to meetings with the boys and management. "Li" you whine as his arms hold you secure into his chest. "we have to get up" he chuckles a little before shaking his head "No just cuddle a little longer? please?" not be able to turn now the loveable boy you nod your head. "Just a few minutes"

"Get away! I don't like you! Ugh!" He'll whine from under the mounds of blankets, you don't take it personally you know he's just a grumpy butt when he wakes up. "Lou.. Come on babe, I'll make you breakfast and we can cuddle all day.." "" he mutters quietly before popping his head out from under the blanket with a cheeky smile "Ha, nope" "well the, good night" he then pulls his head back into the blankets.

All you can hear is just a mumbled Irish mash or words, "Ni, I can't understand you" You giggle as you peel back the covers leaning down the peck his forehead. However he's already fallen back asleep without a care in the world. "Niall....Ni.... Niall James Horan get your ass up" he growls at you before rolling over opening one eye. "Oh what are you going to do, bite me?: you tease, it's then he turns over pinning you on the bed making a love bite on your neck "Maybe"

Even when you get him up and going he still falls asleep. You catch him snoozing everywhere, on the couch,the kitchen table and even that one time in the bathroom but he finds that rather embarrassing. Today you catch him back in the bed, curled up in the blankets with a content smile. "Zayn... you gotta get up babe" "No!" he cries kicking his feet now with a pout, "Sleep a little longer" you shake your head at the stubbron boy. "Fine,but when the boys come up and prank you awake don't blame me"

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