One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


92. forth of July

Harry: "I still don't get it.. Americans celebrate not being a part of England?" You rolled your eyes at yet another stupid question from Harry in regards to today. "It's a celebration of our country's independence." He made a face before proceding to blabber on. "Harry, instead of questioning my country's festivities why don't you just enjoy them?" You put your hands on your hips and shook your head. He laughed and made his way to the ground, where the two of you relaxed and watched the fireworks.

Niall: Seeing Niall practically turn in to a little kid again had to be your favorite part of the day. He had a grand ole time kicking around a soccer ball with your brothers, and even played a game of hide and seek with your little cousins. When it came to be night time, he joined your family for the best part of the night- fireworks. His eyes grew in excitement as the fireworks illuminated the sky. "By far the best holiday I've had in a while. I mean come on...FIREWORKS!" You couldn't help but smile at how adorable your boyfriend was.

Zayn: Your and Zayn had come back to your home town for a family cook out for the forth. For the most part you'd say it went pretty smoothly. He bonded with almost everyone, including your little old grandmother. But when it came to be time to light off the fireworks, big and bad Zayn seemed a bit scared. "I just never was a fan of them." You giggled to yourself before pulling him into a hug. "Mr 'badboy' has a weakness. Who woulda thought it'd be fireworks" you teased.

Louis: You and Louis settled for a more quiet night on the beach. Your toes in the sand as you layed in his arms, looking up at the bursting fireworks. "You know babe," Louis' eyes moved from the sky to a dad chasing his little girl. She was laughing as he chased her all over. When he finally caught up, she squeeled as he tickled her little tummy and kissed her nose. "One day that'll be me chasing our princess." He gave your cheek a kiss before moving his focus back to the sky.

Liam: You were a little nervous to bring Liam to your family's annual forth of July cookout. You really liked Liam, and only hoped they'd love him half as much. But your worries were put to rest almost instantly. Everyone fell in love with him! Especially your little cousins, who by the way were practically chasing him for sparklers. At the end of the night the two of you swung on a hammock as you watched the fireworks from below. Watching as colors of all sorts lit up the sky in random bursts.

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