One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


105. finding out the gender of the baby

Harry: Harry's been looking forward to this day for months now. You originally had wanted to wait until the birth to find out, but he was much to excited and antsy to wait that long. As the doctor pulled the live image of your baby up on the screen, Harry squeezed your hand slightly. The two of you watched as she moved doppler around on your tummy to get a better look. "Well, there she is. A baby girl!" Harry nearly jumped out of his seat with excitement, leaning in to kiss your lips a thousand times. He placed his hand on your stomach, talking and cooing to his unborn child.

Niall: "Like I's gonna be a boy! I can feel it." You rolled your eyes as the two of you step foot into the office. The doctor had you lie back on the table as he began to do his thing. Niall watched carefully, trying to determine himself what the sex was. His eyes looked shocked when the doctor announced it was a girl. "Well, like I player!" As if on cue your baby started kicking around. He placed his hand on your stomach, smiling as she kicked at his hand. He pressed a few kisses to your lips before looking back down at your stomach. "I can't wait to meet you princess."

Zayn: For the past few weeks Zayn has been researching everything baby. Everything from bringing the baby home to setting up the crib. Even things like how to react when your water breaks, and what to expect in the delivery room. He was prepared for everything. So today when it's time to determine the sex if the baby, he was able to figure it out that you were having a little boy before the doctor had even told him! He was so excited that he had asked for plenty of pictures to be printed so he could show his son off to the world. He couldn't wait to be a father.

Louis: Louis had wanted a son from the day he found out you were pregnant. You, on the other hand, had wanted a baby girl. In fact, you were almost certain that you were pregnant with a little girl. Either way, the both of you would love the baby unconditionally. It took a little while for the doctor to get a good look, but as soon as he did you could have sworn Louis screamed so loud that China had heard him. "I'm going to have a son!!" You couldn't help but laugh at how happy he was. By the time you guys had left the doctors, Louis had already tweeted and called each and every one of the boys to tell the news.

Liam: You've secretly been hoping you were pregnant with a little baby boy. You knew Liam didn't mind much at all about the sex, as long as he or she was perfectly healthy. When you found out you were having a little girl, you were a bit disappointed. But watching Liam get protective over her already nearly brought tears to your eyes. "I'm never gonna let anyone hurt you. You'll always be my little princess." Liam kept his hand on your stomach the entire drive home, talking and cooing to her every few minutes.

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