One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


106. deciding on a baby name

Harry: "The baby's going to need a name Harry. We can't call it baby Styles too much longer." He placed his hand on your stomach, smiling as he felt the baby move around. "I like Darcy." You smiled and kissed his lips. "I like Declan." He traced his fingers around in little shapes on your growing stomach. "So then it's settled." His eyes met yours, and his lower lips tucked away into his mouth. "I can't wait to meet you." He smiled down at your tummy, before kissing your lips once more.

Niall: "I think it's gonna be a boy." He placed both of his hands on your growing baby bump, smiling back up at you. "Oh yeah? What makes you so sure Ni?" Just as you said the words, the baby kicked like mad. "Because no little girl kicks this crazy! My son's gonna be a football player!" You laughed and shook your head. "Well your little football player needs a name. Whether it be a boy or a girl." He thought for a moment. "Well I know you like Taber, and I like Isabella." You smiled. "So there we have it. Little Isabella, or little Taber." He nodded. "The world's greatest footballer!"

Zayn: Zayn's super excited about the two of you expecting your first child. You had found out you were expecting a baby boy, but the two of you couldn't settle on a name. "I like the name Connor." He shook his head. To be fair, you didn't like any of the names he liked either. "Okay, to settle this how about we flip to a random page in that baby name book. First name we see, that'll be his name." You shrugged your shoulders, silently praying to god your baby wouldn't be stuck with some weird name. "Owen." The two of you pondered on that name, and it eventually stuck on you. Now just to decide on a middle name...

Louis: "Okay so we decided on names!" Louis and you were over his parents house for dinner. A month ago you'd told them you were expecting, and they wanted name ideas right away. And finally, you had them. "Please don't tell me my nephew's name will be something like Tommy Tomlinson or Louis jr." The rest of you laughed at Lottie's joke, while Louis sat there with a 'haha very funny' kind of look on his face. "If it's a boy, we decided on Leo. If it's a girl, we'd like to name her Sophia." His family took a moment to take the names in, before gushing about how cute the baby will be and how they'll spoil it rotten.

Liam: "Liammmmmm!" He rolled over in bed, turning to face you. You were wide awake, tossing and turning throughout the entire night. "What is it?" You placed your hands on your stomach. "Little missy in here won't let her momma sleep!" He smiled and placed his hand on your stomach. "Come on baby girl, you gotta let mommy get some sleep! If not she'll drive daddy crazy!" You hit him with your pillow. "See what I mean Ella? You're making her crazy!" You stopped and looked at him. "Ella?" He rubbed the back of his head. "Er, yeah. I liked that name...but if you don't, I'll call her something diff-" You kissed his lips to shut him up. "No, it's perfect." You placed your hands on top of his. "Little baby Ella Payne."

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