One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


24. BSM: You don't like his girlfriend (Part Two)

(Age 15) Harry:

“You dress like a freak.” Michaela sneered, narrowing her eyes in disgust as she eyed your outfit.
You made a face at her, rolling your eyes, before turning back to the mirror to finish curling your hair.
“Your makeup makes you look like a troll.” Michaela hissed between her teeth, flipping her silky blonde hair over her shoulder. “Oh, darn, never mind. I just realized that you always look like that!”
“Michaela,” you growled, clenching your jaw as you continued to curl your hair with the iron, “I suggest that you shut up. And if your feeble mind is incapable of doing even that, maybe you should leave.”
Michaela smirked, happy to have gotten a reaction, “Make me, pig.”
You span around, your eyes burning holes into her as you glared up at her taller figure.
“I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but in case you have forgotten, this is my house. That means that if I tell you to get out of my house, you will! I don’t know what your problem is, but you are being a complete, utter cow to me; you have been since day one, and quite frankly, I am sick of it!”
You screamed the words at her, making wild movements with your hands.
Michaela smirked, and you took a menacing step forward.
“Don’t you dare smirk, you insolent brat! I hate you! I never-”
Your voice was cut off suddenly as the pain spread throughout your leg. The curling iron slipped from your hand, the hot metal rod landing on your leg, and a loud scream of pure agony fell from your lips.


(Age 17) Liam:

Her bag was just sitting there, on the couch, in all of its fake-leather glory.
You didn’t want to go through her bag.
What would happen if you did find something in there? What if you found out that you had been right? What would you tell Liam?
‘Yeah, well, I was going through your girlfriend’s bag – even though I knew I shouldn’t –, and I found out that she’s cheating on you with a guy named…’
Like that would go down well.
But you really didn’t have any more options – you had to prove that she was cheating on Liam, before he found out himself.
You crept quietly towards the beige bag, and unzipped it slowly. You could hear Liam and Rachel flirting in the other room, being freakishly sweet.
It made you gag.
Seventeen years old, and you still hated the thought of people flirting.
No wonder you were currently single.
You pulled out her phone, which was covered in silver glitter. Unlocking the smartphone, you began to scroll through her contacts, hoping to find evidence of her cheating nature.
And you did.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Rachel screamed from the doorway, her face bright red with anger.


(Age 5) Zayn:

Angela stood next to you inside the toy store, an excited gleam in her eyes as the two of you looked at the giant shelf of dolls in the shop.
“Which one do you want, sweetie?” she asked you, smiling.
“You mean I can have whichever one I want?” You asked, eyes hopeful.
“Whichever one you want.” She nodded.
Your face lit up, and you ran off further into the store, down aisles in search for the doll you wanted. Angela and Zayn called after you, begging you to stop running as they chased you through the store; they didn’t want to lose you.
You stopped running when you found it, the perfect doll.
She was just like the one you had before, the one Angela had broken.
With a head of blonde curls, and a wide smile on her face, you knew that you had found it – the perfect doll.
“I want that one!” you screamed excitedly, giggling at the doll dressed in a bright pink dress.


Age 7) Louis:

“Um, hey, Rose…” you smiled awkwardly as you stood in the doorframe. Rose sat on the couch, and smiled up at you upon the sound of her name.
“Hey, sweetie.” She cheered, patting the space next to her, “You want to watch some television?”
You awkwardly shuffled across the wooden floorboards and over to the space beside her, the leather of the couch dipping as you plopped onto the seat.
The two of you sat silently for a moment, both of you pretending to watch the show that was playing while you analysed each other out of the corner of your eyes.
You broke the thick silence after a moment, “Hey, so, um, listen… I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot, but, uh, I’d really like to be your friend, maybe… if that’s okay? And you forgive me?” you asked hopefully.
It was a lame apology, and you knew it.
“I’m sorry about all of this.” You said.
Rose smiled her stunning smile, “It’s fine, babe. Tell you what; we can hang out tomorrow, if you like. We could go shopping or to the park or something.”
“Really?” You asked, happy that all was forgiven between the two of you.
“Really.” She grinned.


(Age 13) Niall:

Niall was one of those people who you heard before you saw.
And now was no exception.
Walking hand-in-hand into the living room with Isabelle, Niall flirted and giggled stupidly like a schoolgirl.
You rolled your eyes at how mushy and disgusting they were being; you didn’t want to see them flirting.
Niall and Isabelle sat down on the couch, and began shoving their tongues down each other’s throats, making you feel very uncomfortable as you wriggled over to the corner of the couch, trying to get as far away from the two ‘lovebirds’ as possible.
But when things started getting heated and Niall’s shirt came off, you couldn’t be polite anymore.
“If you haven’t noticed, I’m right here!” you yelled, and Niall detached his lips from Isabelle’s, though she instead moved hers to his neck.
“God, Y/N, you’re such a creep! Go to your room or something!” Niall grumbled, before turning his attention back to his girlfriend again, making out right on the living room couch.
“You’re such an ass, Niall!” You screamed, standing up, “I was here first, in case you haven’t noticed! I was perfectly fine watching television before you two came in here and started making out!”
Niall pulled away again, and glared at you, “Don’t swear. Maybe you should go outside and do something, like play with your friends!”
You glared back, but lowered your voice to a whisper, shaking your head as you looked at him, “You know I don’t have any.”
Niall opened his mouth, his eyes wide with sorrow, Isabelle’s mouth still attached to his neck, but before you could hear anything more, you ran into your room and slammed the door shut, before sinking down onto the floor and bawling your eyes out. 

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