One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


25. BSM: You don't like his girlfriend (Part Three)

(Age 15) Harry:

“What the hell is going on in here?” Harry asked, rushing into the bathroom. His eyes widened as he took in the scene unfolding before him; you on the floor clutching your leg as you bit back the tears, the curling iron lying beside you, and Michaela trying not to snicker as she faked a look of worry and shock in the corner of the room.
“She j-just started y-yelling at m-me, and then she d-dropped the c-curling iron o-on her l-leg, and I d-didn’t know w-what to do, H-Harry!” Michaela stuttered, fake tears glistening in her evil brown eyes.
You shot her a glare.
“Okay, baby, just get out for a minute, yeah?” Harry told Michaela, and she stepped out of the small bathroom, but not before she shot an evil smirk over her shoulder and tossed her sleek blonde hair.
“I don’t like her.” You tell Harry as he runs cold water over the burn.
The burn wasn’t too bad – nothing major. The curling iron hadn’t done too much damage.
Harry pauses and looks at you, uttering the words sarcastically, “You don’t say?”
You don’t say anything, but watch as Harry treats the burn, applying burn cream.
“I don’t know what you see in her.” You tell him after a moment of silence.
He looks up at you again, “I don’t either.” He admits, sighing as he runs a hand through his hair, “I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. She’s not very nice to you, is she?”
Not very nice?” You repeat, “She’s a cow, Harry!”
He laughs, and ruffles your hair as he stands up, “You’ll be glad to hear that I’m now single then.”
He steps out of the bathroom and into the hallway, breaking the news to Michaela that he would no longer be dating her.

(Age 17) Liam:

Liam stood behind Rachel, a disapproving look on his face.
You didn’t like it; you didn’t like your brother disapproving you.
“Care to explain who Matt is?” you ask, raising an eyebrow at Rachel as you shrug off her earlier question.
Rachel furrowed her eyebrows, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Really?” you ask sarcastically, “You don’t know the names of the men you’re cheating on?”
“Y/N!” Liam barked, sending you a warning look, “That’s enough!”
“I don’t think it is.” You shrugged, “Maybe you should ask your girlfriend about Jacob, since she doesn’t know Matt. Or maybe ask her about Luke; from the texts she sent him, I’m sure they’re pretty close.”
“Listen, kid, I don’t know who these people are, alright?” Rachel yelled.
“So, if I were to look through your phone, there wouldn’t be any texts from any of them?” You challenged.
Rachel pursed her lips, looking down at her feet as she scuffed the floor, a guilty look on her face.
Liam seemed to notice her silence.
“Rachel?” he whispered, begging his girlfriend to lie about the truth he already knew, “Tell me it’s not true; tell me you’re not cheating on me.”
Rachel didn’t answer.
“I can’t believe this; I’m sorry I didn’t believe you before, Y/N.” Liam muttered, “Get out, please, Rachel. And don’t text me anymore.”
Rachel snatched her bag from the couch, shooting you a glare, before storming out of the house.

(Age 5) Zayn:

You watched as the doll went through the checkout, and Angela paid for it, handing the cashier a few dollar bills. The cashier smiled at you as Angela grabbed the doll from the counter, handing it to you.
“I hope you forgive me, Y/N.” Angela smiled.
You nodded, “I forgive you, Angela!”
Zayn smiled at you as you cheered, already playing with your new doll, “What do you say to Angela?”
“Thank you, Angela!” You giggled, running up to her and wrapping your small arms around her leg.
Zayn and Angela laughed.
“I love my new doll, but I’m not letting you near my toys again.” You pouted at Angela, “You might break them!”
Angela winked at you, “But I love playing with you! What if I bought you some ice-cream, huh? Then would you let me?”
You thought about it for a moment, and then nodded, “Okay!”
Zayn chuckled as you skipped ahead of him and Angela to the small ice-cream parlour a few stores down, following you.

(Age 7) Louis:

The taste of the strawberry ice-cream filled your mouth. It was sweet, nearly sickly.
Rose had bought it for you, along with the last one, and the one before that. You felt bad, because she had kept buying you them with her money. You tried to tell her that you didn’t want any more after the first sugary cone, but she had insisted.
And now here you were, eating the pink, soft substance to make her happy.
“I’ll pay you back, when I get my allowance.” You told her, nodding to the ice-cream, “For today.”
She shakes her head, “It’s fine, sweetie. It’s only an ice-cream.”
“Or three.” You mutter under your breath, vowing to yourself that you would sneak the money into her purse when she wasn’t looking.
The two of you make your way down the busy streets to the local park. It was full of people, as usual.
It was a nice day, you decided.
That was, before it started getting late, and the sun set in the orange sky; the light afternoon drizzle soon turning into a heavy downpour.
“We should probably go.” Rose suggested, glancing at the watch on her wrist as she gripped her umbrella in the other hand, shielding the two of you from the harsh rain. 
“Thanks for today. It was nice.” You smile, “We should hang out more often.”
Rose smiles back, the two of you leaving the park and heading back out onto the busy streets as you both make your way home.
“You know, you’re pretty cool.” She says, smiling down at you as you both stand outside the front door of your home.
“You really think so?” You ask, curious as you glance up at her.
She nods, grinning as she jokes, “Don’t tell Louis, but I think you’re even cooler than him.”
And with that, she twists the brass doorknob open and you both step into the house, as friends.

(Age 13) Niall

“Y/N?” Niall called, pounding his fist against the thick wood of your door, “Open up!”
“Go away, Niall.” You sigh, facing away from the door.
“Not until you talk to me.” He says, and you hear him drop to the floor in the hallway, leaning against the wall, “Now, what’s up?”
You sigh again, muttering under your breath, “What do you think, ass?”
He didn’t hear it, for which you were glad; you didn’t want him to hear it. You didn’t really mean it, you loved him.
That was part of the problem.
“Y/N, please, just let me in.” Niall begged, a sigh leaving his lips.
You stood up and unlocked the door, before returning to your bed where you were free to wallow in your pity.
You heard Niall enter the room, before the door clicked shut behind him. You were facing away from him, tears silently falling from your cheeks. You didn’t want him to see you like this; crying and weak.
You didn’t want him to think of you like that.
“Y/N?” You felt the bed dip as Niall sat gently on the mattress, resting his hand on your back, “You know I didn’t mean it when I said that. I wasn’t thinking, and-”
“That’s right, Niall, you weren’t thinking!” You yelled, suddenly unable to control your anger.
Niall was quiet for a moment. 
“You never think; not since you met Isabelle.” You whispered the last part under your breath, more so to yourself than to him, though he heard it just as well.
“You never have any time left for me, you’re always with Isabelle.” You told him quietly, “To be honest, I don’t think you even love me anymore.”
“Do you really think that?” He asked, hurt, his voice just above a whisper.
You nodded into your pillow, rolling over to look at him.
He sighed, wiping away your tears that rolled down your cheeks with his thumb, “You know that’s ridiculous. I love you, Y/N; more than you could ever imagine. And if you really felt like this, you should have told me.”
You smiled softly.
“How about tomorrow, we have a special day? Just us two.” Niall suggested.
You sniffled, and nodded as he enveloped you in his arms. 

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