One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


23. BSM: You don’t like his girlfriend (Part one)

(Age 15) Harry:

Your older brother, Harry, hadn’t been the same ever since he met that girl, Michaela, with her more notable feminine features – meaning her long legs and large chest.  
To say that you didn’t like her would be an understatement. 
And Michaela wasn’t exactly fond of you either. 
You tried to ignore her snarky remarks and rude comments about you, insults she would mutter under her breath, but they agitated you no matter how well you masked your annoyance and clenched your jaw to keep the rude comebacks unsaid.
And now, as she stood in front of you in her six-inch heels and short dress, scrutinizing every aspect of you, you couldn’t help but counter with words full of such anger and hatred.


(Age 17) Liam: 
You had tried to tell him. You had tried to make him believe you. 
But, as always, Liam had thought he was right and had refused to listen to the truth that he had known all along – though he tried to ignore it. 
Ever since he had brought the tall blonde home, Rachel, you knew it wouldn’t end well. 
A cigarette hung from her lips, painted a deep shade of red. She had stomped out the cigarette with her seven-inch heels, before stepping inside. Her body was covered with leather and chains, and tattoos of things that weren’t exactly G-rated. She had a streak of hot pink in her hair, and too many piercings to count. 
Everything about her just screamed that she wasn’t the kind of girl who would hang around long, that she didn’t like sticking to one man. 
And you had told Liam exactly what you had thought. 
But that didn’t necessarily mean that he believed you. 
And that didn’t necessarily mean you stopped trying to convince him that she would only end up cheating on him and breaking his heart.


(Age 5) Zayn: 

The minute you had met her, you knew that Zayn’s new girlfriend, Angela, wasn’t to be trusted. 
You were only five, but you knew that she was nothing but trouble – what with her teased blonde hair and devilish eyes that were full of secrets. 
Her appearance made it seem as if she was never up to any good. 
But, then again, you were only five, and you often over-exaggerated things, so none of this was really very accurate. 
Anyway, you had been showing her your toys one evening while Zayn was helping your mother with some dishes. 
She was nice enough, you thought, but you still didn’t exactly approve of her. 
You were playing with one of your stuffed animals, when a popping sound filled the room, and you froze. 
You turned slowly to look at Angela, who sat next to you, looking back at you with wide, apologetic eyes. Her pink lips were open in shock as she looked down at the doll in her hands. 
You followed her gaze to the doll, before letting out a loud scream of horror. 
She had broken your doll; your favourite doll. 
The doll was missing its head. The doll’s blonde, beautiful head had popped off, and was lying on the carpet no less than fifteen centimetres away. 
Angela had apologised over and over, and had even bought you a new doll as an apology. 
However, you didn’t let her anywhere near your toys after that evening.


(Age 7) Louis: 

Hate was a strong word.
And it was perfect to describe your feelings towards Louis’ girlfriend.
You weren’t exactly sure why you hated Louis’ new girlfriend, Rose, but you did. Maybe it was the way she acted, or the way she spoke; you weren’t quite sure. She was a good person, and she loved you the way one might their own sister. 
However, you couldn’t help but dislike her. 
One day, Louis approached you about it, wondering why you hated her so much. All he wanted was two of the most important girls in his life to like each other, because he loved both of you equally – though in different ways -, and he knew that if a problem arose where he had to choose between you two, he wouldn’t be able to. 
“Why do you hate Rose so much?” he had asked you. 
You couldn’t answer his question, because honestly, you weren’t sure. 
You apologised to Rose the next time you saw her, for being so rude to her. She accepted your apology, and the two of you spent the rest of the day at the park, eating ice-cream and spending the day with each other – making Louis happy that you two were finally getting along.


(Age 13) Niall: 

You didn’t exactly hate her. It was hard to hate her, and you really didn’t want to hate her – especially when she was so… likeable.
Your feelings towards her were more like disapproval or disliking…
Oh, who were you kidding? 
You knew that you were jealous of Niall’s girlfriend, Isabelle. 
You didn’t want to be, but that didn’t change the fact that you were. 
It bothered you how, before Niall had met Isabelle, he used to spend a lot of time with you. He used to tease you, and stay up late with you watching stupid movies, and sit with you at the dinner table challenging you to eat-offs. 
And now? 
Now, the only time you ever saw Niall was when he walked inside, arm-in-arm with Isabelle. 
You loved Isabelle, but you just didn’t like how she seemed to take your brother away from you, how he spent every waking moment with her, and how he never seemed to have any time left for you. 
And, as much as you hated it, it made you disapprove of her.

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