One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


20. Broken Promises


“I love you.” He had whispered that night, as the rain fell in thick and cold drops, drenching you in a matter of seconds.
“I love you, too.” You had whispered back, standing at your doorstep, smiling as you looked up through the rain and into his emerald green eyes.
And in that second, as his lips met yours, you thought you had something special – something magical.
Apparently not.
Apparently, that other tall blonde had something you didn’t.



“I’m sorry.” He had apologised, when he clearly was not. It was after an argument, a heated one, when he spoke the words – the words that you refused to believe.
He had said it one time too many, and you just couldn’t take it anymore. You couldn’t take the lies, the crap apologies that he gave.
Not anymore.
You wanted out.
And you wanted away from him.



“There’s nobody else, I swear.” He had said, his hair messy as he walked through the door. His lips were dry as the words left his mouth and he felt horrible – not for making you feel that way, but for letting himself be caught in the tangle of lies that he had created.
And you hadn’t believed a word that came out of his mouth, because all of the ones he had spoken before had been lies – why would you think that these weren’t?



“I never meant to hurt you.”
But you knew that the words spilling from his lips meant not a thing. His promises were empty, and the words were cold. His eyes seemed hollow, and his face showed no expression aside from boredom.
And you knew that he didn’t mean it, that he didn’t mean what he said. You knew that it was all just a big lie – that he was just a lie.
And that when he told you he loved you, he didn’t mean a word, just like now.



“I’d never leave you.” He had said, his blue eyes full of honesty… well, that was what you had thought at the time.
But where was your Prince Charming now? He had forgotten you, long ago, along with all of the time you spent together and everything else the two of you had. You had thought he was different from the others, that he actually meant the words he spoke late at night, whispered secrets that the two of you had promised to never tell.
But you had thought wrong.
And, in the end, he was just like the others.
A liar.

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