Bella moves from Florida to Washington, Forks. Where she will pursue her dream to become a writer, but she catches the eye of the discreet and mysterious Edward Cullen. Will she break this monster?


1. Moving

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Chapter 1 - Moving


I feel the humid Florida breeze brush onto my face, I was really going to miss this place. I was currently moving to Forks, Washington to pursue my dream as writer, my temporary living space was with my dad in his suburban home, with an old red Chevy truck. 


Probably old enough to be my Grandfather.


"You know Bells, you don't have to leave. There's so much more opportunity here" my Mom said in an attempt to persuade me to stay.


"I know Mom, I know, but I haven't seen Char- Dad in a long time. And Seattle is just as good as Miami" I say in an exasperated tone. Her face fell a bit, but she plastered on a smile. I felt a little guilty for leaving no doubt, but bring a writer is what I've always wanted to do, and my mom supported my decisions. 


"Well your suit case is packed and ready to go, I'll miss you honey" she brought me into a tight embrace and we stood there for a while. "Oh! I almost forgot!" She exclaimed, she bolted inside, leaving me confused. She came out with a quilt. "Remember those University tee shirts we always collected? Well I cut them out and made it into a quilt! It'll keep you warm in Seattle" she said in a warm tone. I brought her into a tight hug with a single tear streaming down my face as I whispered I love you to my mom. 




I was boarding the plane with a pang of guilt hanging heavy in my presence. I walked through the gate and sat down in my designated seat. I take out my iPod and headphones playing a classic melody, as it lulled me to sleep.




I woke up feeling groggy, as a voice blared through out the plane telling us we were about to land. I look out the window and the first thing I thought was cloudy. It definitely wasn't a good sight to wake up to. I grabbed my suit case and rolled it  on the floor. I was finally out of the airport and sure enough, Charlie was there in his police cruiser. His eyes lit up and the corners of his eyes crinkled. I waved my hand motioning him to drive a little closer so I could put my suit case in, due to my lack of strength. Charlie quickly got of the car and rushed towards me. 


"Bells, it's been too long, I've missed you a ton" Charlie said in a fatherly tone. He patted me on the back and reached for my suit case. Putting it in the trunk of the car. I climb into the passenger seat and seconds later Charlie is in the car. "So how was Miami?" He asked trying to clear up the awkwardness.


"Eh, it was different. The weather was nice, but the girls there weren't" I mumbled the last part. 


"Mmhmm" Charlie said concentrating on the road. "So I have a shift at 1, so I'll just need to drop you off at the house, can you manage your stuff?" Charlie asked. 


"Dad, I'm a big girl, I can handle my self" I shot back.


"Okay, okay, I get it. And tomorrow I'll be visiting Sue Clearwater, cause' we're going fishing" he replied with excitement in his tone. I arched an eyebrow


"So you got a date?" I said as if I was Charlie's mom.


"It's not a date Bells, we're just hanging out as friends, that's all" he said in a suspicious tone. 


"I see, well. Have fun on your date tomorrow" I said in a dad's-growing-up-so fast kind of voice. We finally arrived at the house and I half dragged half picked up my luggage. 


I unlocked the door to the house and stepped inside. It was warm and cozy in side. I flicked on the lights of the kitchen seeing it was completely bare. I opened the fridge to see if there was any soda, but there were only a few beers and things to make a sandwich. Dear Lord, I had to do grocery shopping sometime soon. I walk up stairs to my old bedroom. It was completely bare as well. The room was painted white and my queen sized bed laid there with an iron frame. The bed set was quilted grey with purple floral pillows. A book shelf, dresser, and closet had been set up along with my black iron rocking chair in the corner. 


I opened my suitcase putting my underwear and bras in the bottom drawer then jeans in the second and tee shirts in the third. I hung all my dresses, blouses, and coats in the closet. A box in the corner of my closet laid untouched. I dragged into the center of my room onto my soft white fur rug. I ripped it open to reveal records, CD 's, and books that all belonged to me. These books were the classics. I put them in alphabetical order on my book case that as now filled to the brim. I shoved all my other books and CD 's into a trunk at the end of my bed. I unpacked my new computer and set it up on my desk. I put stationary and note pads in the drawer of my desk and a pencil holder on top. Now everything looked complete. The walls were a plain for my liking,  but that was okay. I went downstairs to watch TV and flipped through the channels, I could feel myself slowly starting to slip off into a deep sleep.


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