After the Credits: Fr❄zen 3

I've been wondering about doing this for a while, and have decided it would be a good idea. This will leave off from where it stopped. Enjoy!


6. Elsa to the Rescue!

Elsa to the Rescue!

Elsa's POV

"Are you sure you'll be okay, Anna? I'm still worried about your condition after the fall." It was the night following the breakfast with "Gerda." It was the night I was going to save Hans and everything would be okay. It was the night I would be put into great danger.

"Yes, yes, everything will be okay. I have Kristoff and the entire staff. But you have other things to worry about, so you better get moving before its too late. And good luck, I'm really proud of you. This is a really bold move you're making."

Anna pulls me in for a hug, I hold her tight and we stay like that for a couple of minutes. I was positively sure that I wouldn't see her for a while, but the chances were that everything would turn out okay. "Well, the things you do for the people you love are for the best. Alright, I have got to get moving. Goodbye!" I walk out of the library. I stop at the doors for just a few seconds. I turn and glance at Anna, she has tears streaming down her face. I run back to her, and comfort her. "Don't worry about me, I will be okay. I know it." 

"Yes, but what if you're not. We've already been through so much together and I never ever ever want anything bad to happen to you!" She starts balling.

"No, Anna, calm down. I'll be fine."

"That's what Mom and Dad said. And they died!" And then, I had an idea. I made two identical snowballs and gave one to Anna. "Huh? What's this?" she says. 

"Tap it twice," I say, "whenever you need to call me. If I am able to pick up, we will be able to see each other's faces. Sound good?" Anna wiped her face and replied with a smile, her goofy smile, that always cheered me up. That was a yes to me. "Goodbye Anna!" 

"Bye! Tell Hans I said hi!"

"Will do!" I start walking and glance back at Anna. This time, she wasn't crying, she was smiling and waving.

I fast walk out of the castle. I travel toward the gates. They are closed at this hour, but the guards standing there were more than delighted to open the gates for me. The carriage I requested was sitting outside waiting for me. Hans was back in the Southern Isles in his own dungeon. Ironic right?

Han's POV

I shiver as I quietly sit in my stall. What have I done? What have I done? The only words that have been going through my head ever since I was put here. Tomorrow morning would be my last, unless Elsa came to save me. She's absolutely stunning, though my greed had blocked me from seeing that.

She had been seeing me for the past couple months. She's snuck in food and water all the time so I wouldn't die of hunger or thirst. Elsa was always there to comfort me, even though my actions are life-threatening to both of us. I played with my fingers as a soldier walked in. "Hello Mr. Westerguard." I looked up from the floor. "Hi, Smith, I mean, S-Sir Smith."

"I'd just like to remind you that your execution is tomorrow." 

"Yes, I know, sir. Thank you." He then glares at me and walks upstairs. I look out the window, for I have to use the sun as my clock, the sun is set, and the stars are shining. But no, I have to spend my possible last hours on earth wisely. Unfortunately, I felt my eyes grow heavy and I drifted off to sleep within the hour.


I open my eyes as I hear a familiar voice call my name, Elsa's!

Elsa's POV

"Hans, I'm here," I say as I unlock the cell gate. "I'm getting you out of here. You don't deserve to die." Hans walks out of the cell and puts his arms around my waist. His lips lock with mine. I quickly pull back, however. "We don't have time for this, but we will when we get back to the castle." I see him blush as we scurry out of the room. As we run up the many flights of stairs, I trip on the trim of my dress, and ice shoots out of my hand. It hits a guard in the thigh and he yells in pain.

"Go! Go! Go!" I yell as I get up and we both sprint. We run for a couple of minutes, but then we are cornered! Hans thrown to the ground. And he starts getting tortured, I begin to scream and demand them to stop, but they refuse and carried on. Everything went in slow motion, and with Hans screaming in pain, I couldn't take it any longer. "HANS IS NOT A BAD GUY!'' I yell. I shoots out of me everywhere. The men run out. We aren't in danger anymore. I glance around, and then I see Hans.

He lays there with a swollen mouth, bloody nose, and multiple bruises all over. He looks beat, and he looks this way not just because of this beating, but because of everything that have happened to him. I kneel down and I feel tears stream down my face again. But then I have an idea. I press my hands on his chest. I take deep breaths and begin to put ice into his body. All he needs is to just cool down. His life is miserable, and he needs the cold. I try harder and harder, but it doesn't work.

And then, I push with all my might, I works. I watch as Hans's eyes open, and a weak smile appears on his face. "Elsa," he manages to get out. "your hair." I pick up a group of strands. My hair isn't platinum blonde now. It's brunette! And then I feel weak. "Hans... my powers are gone!" We both look at each other in terror. "But I used them for you," I add on. "Elsa... You saved my life!" He hugs me and plants a kiss on my forehead. "Come on... let's get back to the castle..."

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