After the Credits: Fr❄zen 3

I've been wondering about doing this for a while, and have decided it would be a good idea. This will leave off from where it stopped. Enjoy!


8. Date Night

Elsa's POV


"Okay, I'll be ready within the half hour..." Wow, I'd never been sucked into the concept of a date. Wow, a date... I'm going on a date! At first I feel as light as a feather, like I'm on cloud nine, nothing can make me sad. And then, I think of everything that could happen.

The night could go well, everything would be perfect, and Hans and I would make our way back to Arendelle. But then, all these bad things could happen. It scares me that I don't have my powers to protect I or Hans. Soldiers and guards could be after us, we could be criminals on the run!

Stop worrying Elsa, everything's going to be okay, I think to myself. Hans had gone into the near village that was ruled by King Aksel and Queen Karin of Afoltote. We needed some food and water since we weren't coming back to the hotel after the date. We would be heading home. Now that I have wrapped my head around my concerns, I could finally get ready for tonight. Since I have lost my powers, I cannot make myself a stunning dress. But that's okay, I brought some actual dresses, made by the very talented seamstresses back in Arendelle. Arendelle... I wonder whats going on! I remember about the snowball and quickly run over to it. I pick it up, and tap on it twice. It is about noon, and Anna and Kristoff aren't early risers, I hope that they will be awake. The snowball glows for almost a minute, and then Kristoff's face forms on the screen. "Hello,"  he says casually. "Hi Kristoff!" I say cheerfully. I feel glad to be connected to back home. The background is quiet. Just the mumble of the busy village outside the castle.

"Hey, where's Anna? She doing okay?" He scoffs, being goofy, over exaggerating over the fact that I was worried about her. "Yeah, she's fine. Although, she was running a fever yesterday with cold-like symptoms." I gasp. "Well then I better get home quickly!" He laughs. "I was joking!" I sigh in relief. Kristoff is one of those people where you want to strangle but also love like family at the same time. Just then, Anna walks in, and her abdomen looks way more swollen than it did when I had left. "Oh HI Elsa!" she exclaims. "How's it been? Haven't seen you in a couple months." Wait... what? "Haha, very funny. I've only been gone for two days!" "Nope, it's been two months. Tomorrow is Kristoff's birthday. Yay!" "Anna wait!" The snowball then stops glowing and the only thing I hear are Hans' footsteps as he walks into the room. "We need to talk..."

Hans' POV

She found out, didn't she, I think as Elsa walks up to me. She begins. "Okay, so I was just talking to Anna and Kristoff on this magic snowball thing I made and she said that I have been gone for TWO MONTHS!! Explain." I see Elsa's muscles begin to tighten. Thankfully, she has lost her powers. If she didn't, the room would be a ice disaster by now. "Tell me..." The sad truth is, I do know whats going on. "Okay... so... um." I can't help seeing Elsa like this, so I just decide to get on with it. "Okay, so, you got knocked out quickly after you lost your powers, a guard found you and intoxicated you with a special serum that would do something horrible to you. But I swear, I don't know what it will do, or if it's already done with its job. So anyways, you were knocked out for a couple of days, and they put us in a cell together, so it wasn't that bad." We both blush at each other at this moment. "Okay, okay, so everything was just dull and bleh until we finally escaped so long story short we ended up here yay end of story." I was panting at this time, that was a lot to get out. She begins to shake her head. "Wait wait wait, so the serum could be done with me, or slowly taking over my body?" "That is correct." "And everything I saw after I lost my powers was just in my head?" "Yep."

We both look at each other. I then open my mouth to speak. "Uhhhh, maybe date night wasn't such a good idea, lets pack up and travel back just in case anything bad is going to happen." She nods. "Yeah, let's go."

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