After the Credits: Fr❄zen 3

I've been wondering about doing this for a while, and have decided it would be a good idea. This will leave off from where it stopped. Enjoy!


1. Prologue


It has been almost five hours since Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa have started their journey home. They are coming home from their meeting with the trolls. Anna is 4 months pregnant, her baby bump is now noticeable. She is still blacked-out, but slowly gaining conscious. Sven is trotting along with Kristoff on his back. Elsa is with Anna in the carriage of her snow horse, which she has now named Blizzard. The gang is almost down North Mountain, just about half way there. It is half past mindnight, so it is a little hard to see. They can hear the wolves and wind howl... 

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