Room 007.

A simple summer job leads to something that Jessica Lestrade didn't expect. A meeting with her idols and a spiring relationship.


1. Room 007 (prologue)

It all started as a simple summer job. Me, my best friend and my boyfriend had decided to get away for awhile. So when we found a job on the small island st. Martin, we applied immediately. The job was perfect, 'cause we didn't have to pay for a hotel. The staff members got their own houses. Only temporary of course. The only thing we actually had to pay for plane tickets, food and other things we wanted to buy while working there.

My best friends name is Carrie Holmes. We had been friends since kindergarten. She is the rebel kind of girl. Always independent. Never following the rules or the stereotypical standards of beauty.

She had short, bright red hair then. A few piercings, and tattoos. Nothing too wild. It suits her punk persona perfectly.

My boyfriends name was Darren Hummel. He's a football player. A bit buff with a six-pack and tanned skin. A guy that belongs with the prom queen or the most popular girl. Which I'm most definitely not.

My name is Jessica . I'm really proud of who I am. Even though blonde bimbos mock me about my interest in television and science fiction. I like stuff like doctor who, Sherlock and even my little pony. I'm what you call a Whoian. A hardcore fangirl.

But that summer I didn't want to stay home and re-watch the previous seasons of my favourite tv shows. I wanted to put my way to skinny and pale body in a bikini and be social.

So a couple weeks after we applied, we got phone calls. Well, we was me and Carrie. Darren didn't get the job. He really didn't care anyways. He would probably spend time on the beach with some of the cheerleaders instead. But me and Carrie bought our plane tickets and got ready for our job.

There was just one thing Carrie didn't tell when she introduced me the job. Her amazing idea. She did mention that we should work on a hotel. She just didn't mention that it was for celebrity's that needed a little break from the public light.

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