Room 007.

A simple summer job leads to something that Jessica Lestrade didn't expect. A meeting with her idols and a spiring relationship.


3. chapter 3

Only 5 minutes left. Then it's down to the pool and meet with one of my favourite singers to watch my favourite show! Could it get any better?

I put the last key card on it's place, when my phone started ringing. A video call? From Darren. How strange. I pushed the green button and his face appeared on the screen. He was at a party. Some bimbo was sat in his lap, kissing and leaving love bites on his neck.

"Hey babe." He said slurry. Obviously drunk.

"Darren, what are you doing?"

"Partying. But I just wanted you to meet Kitty. She's my girlfriend."

"Is this your way of breaking up with me?" I didn't even sound sad. More curios. I wasn't sad. I was relieved. I guess some part of me never wanted to be with Darren in the first place.

"Yeah... But we can still be friends if you want.

"Go fuck yourself!" He was really being a jerk. First breaking up with me and then 'trying' to be friends? What a moron! And not to mention, drunk, and at a party.

I ended the call really annoyed, but still looking forward to the evening.

The walk down to the pool made me think about Niall's "question". He almost asked me out. If he asked again the chance of me saying yes was definitely doubled. But he probably wouldn't. I mean, if I was turned down one time, I wouldn't have the self esteem to ask again.

"Hey, Jess, wait up!" I turned around and slammed into the body of my best friend. "What are you doing at the pool at this time of the day?" She asked.

"I could ask you the same." I answered quite sassy.

"I'm looking for unicorns, Jess, what else?" She looked me dead in the eyes, but after a couple second we broke into a fit of laughter. "No, but seriously, what are you doing?"

"Waiting for someone..." I blushed a little.

"Ohh, finally dropped that horrible Darren? Who's the lucky guy?"

"No, he dumped me. And... Niall... Horan..."

"Oh my gaaawd, Jess! Congrats girl! Maybe he can take your v-card." She smirked at me.

"Excuse me? We're just gonna watch season 7 of Doctor Who, that's all."

"You know you want him too... Well, I'd better be off, 'cause a really handsome guy is making his way towards you. Remember protection. And tell him, that if he hurts you in any way, I will rip his throat out! See ya!" She walked away, making sure to look back once more and smirk at me. Such a good friend.

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