Why am I in Transformers Prime?

For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformers cartoon.Simply to accomplish this the first episode is seen.For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime. (Cover by The_GirlWhoWaited on Wattpad)


1. Why?

 For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformer show.To accomplish this the first episode is seen.For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime.

 Why? I don't like it.  Why do I not like Transformers Prime? Their mouths slagging move like water! If I had to watch that every single day then a pair of sunglasses would be needed.There's a livestream going on for the last episode; lets see how this too-much-CGI-mouth-watery-moving-lips ends.

This Live-stream is Deadlock.

One word yes; just like the last episode to Transformers Animated. My Generation. Primus do I miss that show.

"Hmm . .  ."My hands felt sweaty.

 Who is this Steve everyone was talking about in the chatroom?

"Don't know who this dude is, but, might find out later." I remind myself.

The big wide screen television is off. Just for this day because I am home alone.Well my grandparents are at the store. That's why. I shifted up my glasses kind of like a nerd but that doesn't matter for this case. The volume on my computer is up way high. High as in seventy-five or such? As the previous episode ended (or some scene during it) I saw people talking about Knock Out standing on his tippy toes. Then some scene came up with a jet going through real life like clouds.

I typed in; "Is it me or did things just get real?" and added  dot. dot. dot. "I don't think this scene is meant to be in there  .  .  ." And of course Prime Fans attacked me for that saying it's meant to be because . . just because. Whilst claiming my computer is probably messed up because that's not what's playing.Did they just contradict themselves saying it's meant to be but then say something's up with mah laptop? I saw the clouds come through my screen. My hands froze a bit away from the keyboard. What the slag is happening?

The next second I knew everything suddenly warped. Well; my head hit something hard  so la durp  everything that happened after that was not known by me.Shortly after that I landed on some hard dusty ground. Best way to describe what just slagging happened. For some reason I felt dizzy. It seemed like I am at a desert. Can a person like me bare to know they are in the middle of no where?  From the distance there is a nifty mountain structure similar to the one from Holes. I saw this motorcycle and then there is a truckstop from across.

"Truck stooopp!!" I ran right to the truck stop then went inside feeling scared and just really confused.  I tumbled over a large dog but that is a technicality. "What year is it!"

I saw this kid who resembled Kevin--OH SLAG THAT'S-- FRAG,SLAG, SLAG. that's Jack Darby  .  . .Ain't it Jack Derby?

"2010." Jack said, looking at me very strangely. He may have been thinking I looked like a lost child, sheesh he might be wrong sooo bad.   "Are you okay?"

I comb through my hair with overwhelming shock channeling through. Mesah is in the past; wow. What a surprise.

"Holy slag; I'm not okay!" I get up on my two feet as i could see he is alert. "I'm in a slagging TV-show I don't really like. I hate this show!"

"Just calm down." Jack advises me.

"Wouldn't  ya not be CALM when--" I shook my hand, making a frustrated sound and shook my head. At the corner of my eye I saw a dark pair of sunglasses. "OH sungalsses!" I snatch a pair of sunglasses and put them on. "I'm ready for whatever this universe that automatically makes robot's legs look sexy, even for their toys."

Jack is looking at me like 'What is wrong with you?'.

"Kid,where is your parent?" A employee from behind the counter asks.

That made my blood boil, alone.

"I'm 17!" I yell. "I may look short but judging me by my height is an awful thing!"

"You should stop yelling," Jack advises me. "You don't need to yell."

"I'm not a slagging child!" I held up the glasses. "AND speaking of which, I'mma be stealin' this and you can't stop me." I wiggled the glasses.  "Because really I don't know where the heck I'm in."

".  .  . You are in Navada." The Employee said.

"Slag it." I march out.

~                                                                                  ~

 I don't know where I went. Except that I obviously ran through another portal while running--no, actually I was kind of transported from Navada to somewhere else. Fortunately it's best to say that I'm in the gigantic ship where Predaking is being held at. Isn't it called the Nemesis?  The best guess scenario is that it is the Nemesis. AND that Megatron is probably on aboard. I've watched a video with Transformers Prime Megatron featuring the song 'Bad romance' because of a picture that featured a silly face of Transformers Prime Megatron when he was backing away from something.

 "Meep." I beep, skipping in the Nemesis. "Meep."

 Good guess is that my energy levels are high.

"Meeeep!" I continue hearing giant footsteps heading my way.

So simply I stopped in my tracks and continue meeping in a lower voice.

"Knock Out, What is that movie called again?" I saw Starscream,--no not the Starscream you would imagine to be evil, deceiving, backstabbing, generally a good body model, and a allspark shard in his forehelm--the one who looks so unlike the Decepticon, because he looks  like a femme. For a moment there he doens't look like Starscream in my humble but blunt opinion.

"Resident evil." Knock Out said.

"Meep." I meep in a low voice.

"You've been watching that instead of finding dark energon shards?" Starscream asks, with his servos behind his back. Knock Out nods. The gigantic female version of Starscream shook his helm in disappointment.  "What a waste."

"It's not a waste." Knock out said, shaking his left servo lightly. "One solar cycle it may become useful."

"Meeep!" I beep again as they step over me.

"Could you stop meeping, Knock Out?" Starscream asks, once over me.

"Meeping!" I sang, in a low voice.

"I am not the one meeping." Knock Out said,stopping in his tracks.

Starscream shook his helm with a servo on his faceplate and then puts it down.

"Meep!" I meeped, again.

"It must be you  doing it!" Knock Out accuses the seeker--the one who has female thighs--with must confidence.

"Meeep!" I meeped again restraining my gigling and laughing quite well.

"I am not meeping." Starscream denies.

"Meep." I say, again, wiping a tear off my eyes under the sunglasses.

"Starscream, stop meeping!" Knock Out points his index digit at Starscream. "I know how determined you are to prove a point!" He seems royally mad at the seeker.  "This is over the line, you know I wouldn't randomly make these sounds."

"Meep."  I was covering my mouth by this time.

"No, you stop it!" Starscream tells Knock Out. "Me and you are the only 'Cons in this hallway." I heard this nonpleasent tone in Starscream's voice.  "I am not meeping." The frown on Starscream's face is really coward like. "Only a sparkling would do this."

Knock Out lowers his digit, and folds his arms.

"Then who is the one meeping?" Knock Out asks.

The seeker hesitates

"The ceiling." Starscream said, pointing up with his razor sharp index digit. "Something old is up there." Nice dumb assumption, now there's a question looming in my head about something old being up there other than Starscream's high heels. "Probably a vehicon who got stuck repairing the ceiling boards."

One, two, three.

"Meep." I did it, again. But I did this loudly.

Knock Out looks over his shoulder, and then that's when he saw me.

"Hai!" I greet them while waving my hand.  

 Then I fell over laughing at their stupid faces.Oh Starscream picked me up while I was laughing. So  guess who hit Starscream's curly hard metal digit while crying and laughing? Not a hard guess: meee.

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