Why am I in Transformers Prime?

For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformers cartoon.Simply to accomplish this the first episode is seen.For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime. (Cover by The_GirlWhoWaited on Wattpad)


9. Starscream plus Vehicon plus annoying Knock Out equals brilliance

.  .  .Unknown time  .  .  ,

.  .  .Merci ship .  .  .

There is a large ship looming across a dark, sinister looking planet. There are strong cybertronian indications all over the ships design. Strange odd peculiar howls are heard down one of the wrecked hallways. Fast quick paced heel-clicks are heard from one  corner of the hallway. A pair of seekers came running around the corner  scared for their lives.

“I thought  we didn’t get one of them aboard!” One frightened seeker pants.

“To die in the paws of organics.” Another seeker sounding fearful had  said. “Decepticons would have a field day to go over why being a quaker is a terrible idea.”

“Hate to say; but  coming here was a waste of our cycle!” A taller seeker went by the two chatty  (and panty) seekers.

“We don’t need to say .  .  .  . Starscream was right.” The first panting Seeker said.

“You already .  .  . said it.” The second panting seeker acknowledges.

A bone-chilling howl  makes the two seekers run faster.

“To  .  .  . the escape pods!” The second panting seeker proclaims.

“I’ll go  .  .  .  to the HQ,” the first panting seeker startles the second panting seeker. “Someone needs to make a warning call to not approach our ship.”

“Good luck.”The second panting seeker bids him farewell, and ran off towards another secured closed door—which opened for him—and he disappeared from the first panting seeker.

We hear a shriek from that door. Our focus returns to the first panting seeker who activated his jet boosters then flew towards a steel-bank door entrance that parted ways. Several wolf-hyena like animals were behind the first panting seeker. There lay discarded lifeless limbs around the entrance way to the HQ room. Distinctive fierce growls are heard towards the door scaring the first panting seeker that he wouldn’t make it.

But he did.


The doors slam shut behind the First panting seeker who tumbled in landing squarely at the main big chair.

“Make the message.” The first panting seeker makes a reminder, forcing himself up using the chairs arm. He catches his breath.

The first panting seeker goes to the monitor with a large keyboard, and then he set the monitor to record him. He presses the enter button. A red button above the monitor turned on.

“Do not approach this ship.” The seeker warns. “It is infected with living and most ruthless organic: The Hyenog.” The seeker attaches file to the message setting it to automatically play when in reach of a Decepticon ship that allows messaging. “We came to this planet in hopes of hiding from an enemy.”

The seeker looks down to the keyboard,  as he sighs.

“But instead we allowed a killer aboard this ship, and we were fools to believe we can tame them. When really we cannot.” The seeker continues looking up to the screen. “Starscream, if you happen to get this when .  .  . a few Decepticons have boarded Merci to check out what happened  .  . .  you must leave the ship immediately. . No matter if there’s some important con aboard this ship. It’ll take time for these dangerous Hyenog’s to die. We cannot save everyone, unfortunately as I will be offline by the time you get this.”

The Hyenogs are breaking the door to the HQ force by force.

“If you can destroy this ship, and it’s occupants, then do it.” The seeker said. “Just do it.”

And then they busted through the door simultaneously hurling towards the lone seeker right as the screen cut out.

_______                      ____                                                   ___

   . . The nemesis.  . .

  .  .  . Probably morning .  .  .

 How the morning began is pretty 'normal' to me.Transfans often find themselves wondering where they would end up if they slept walk in the Nemises.The biggest mistake you can ever do as a organic who can be killed is sleeping on Megatron's chest armor because Megs will stomp you to death, blow dry your disgusting remains off, and then clean his foot off.Yes, a Decepticon can get very determined to offline an annoying organic.

 Anyway, this is literally how my morning began.

"You have no permission to sleep on me during recharge!" Megatron's voice is the first thing I heard, right as I was flying in the air.

Wow my first thing of the day was being thrown from Megatron's room.

"WEEeeeeeee!" I squeal diving right towards Starscream's direction.

"Huh?" Starscream looks up curiously.

I never saw him look so shocked until now. I land on Starscream's optics. Starscream threw me off. So without further ado I finally landed on the floor.

"Humans cannot fly!" Starscream pouts. "We seekers can."

 I got upright.

"I was thrown, old man." I said.

"I'm not old!” Starscream corrects me. His digits were in a fist.  “I'm young."

A vehicon walks past us. This vehicon has a distinctive armor design similar to a car not like a jet similar to a Autobot Trooper who looks white and black, in fact all Autobot Troopers in Transformers Animated look like that. But the most eerie fact is that other sparks are transfered into these shells from previous bodies.Oh wait, that specific vehicon is Beautyfight. Beautyfight has a unique marking on his forehelm. Not all vehicons have a marking that is the shape of a telephone box minus being big enough to go inside.

"Hey, Beautyfight," I call out the Vehicon. I almost said 'Butterfree'. "Were ya looking at Starscreams aft when you should be working?"

"Huh? My interest is not in Commander Starscream. I do not see her beauty at all." He skates (well almost because of his feet that make this tapping noise) away from Starscream and I.

 I heard Starscream making a 'tsk' sound three times, as he shook his helm.

"Are you a femme?" I ask.

Starscream's faceplate gets a steaming red.

"Of course not!" Starscream could have made his jet boosters ignite.  "I'm a mech."

Mech mean male, and Femme means female.

"No one calls me 'commander' often." Starscream notes, raising his helm up from my direction. There's a huge freaking window from across so Starscream might be daydreaming. "All I hear is 'Lord' or either 'liege' towards Megatron.'

"Then why do ya call Megsy 'Liege' if you are jealous of his rank?" I ask.

"It's proper." Starscream said, as I can see the slightest sparkle of a back-stabbing seeker in that dangerous optic.

His answer is not good enough for me. Regardless of his optics impressive performance.

"Why are you acting like .  . Erm .  . ." I tap my fingers together. “Well everyone in my universe basically call ya Megatron's bad romantic partner." Starscream raises an eyebrow at me. "Bad rommaance.It's kind of like Generation 1 Meg-e-Screamer again, minus the beat ups I've heard."

"I let others do the dirty work." Starscream said.

"I don't get it." I said. No seriously, I did not get it.

"It'll be Megatron's enemies who'll offline him." Starscream explains. "If his death wasn't my fault then it would seem less suspicious to lead the Decepticons."

"Ooooh!” I clap my hands. “Now I get it!"

So the seeker isn't that stupid as I think he is.Starscream went to the window his curiosity was caught by something out there in space probably a good distance away from the nemesis. I can see his faceplate is a mix of intrigue and disbelief which is hardly in most versions of Starscream. It was like big bad cat had been zapped to a harmless kitten standing on the ledge of a window looking out at the sky. At least this is what Starscream reminded me.

"Planet Horrid." Starscream said, he looks toward me. "In your universe, did they have an episode that featured Planet Horrid?"

I thought for a bit.

"Nope." I shook my head. "The planets I know of thanks to Transformers is: Earth, Velocitron, The Beast planet, Arachna 7, Cybertron, Unicron who's a planet and so on,The Junkion planet that's generation 1 Wreck-gar's home planet, the Quintessions home planet, the moon does not count as a planet,Mars from the  Bayverse,and that's about it."

The Nemisis happened to be stopping near 'The planet of horrid organisms'. To be certain I do not have an honest answer why it is called that way..

"Planet Horrid lives up to its name." Starscream said. "Literally." It sent goosebumps up my skin. "its inhabitants look horrible, creepy, and humbly terrifying." I didn't question his description of the creatures but it made me not want to pet them. "I met one stellar cycles ago."

Starscream held his palm out which then projected a terrifying huge unexpected and startling crazed hyena-wolf beast.I stumbled back landing on the floor.The seeker laughs at my skidaddling-frightened act. So much for claiming nothing except for pitch black can scare me.The ship slid on its side which sent me flying into the wall.Wow that really hurts! Hopefully it’ll end up as a bruise, my side hurts. My side it hurts like a bee had stung me.

"Owch!" I complain.

My shield cannot protect me from forces such as hitting.

"There's an abandoned ship floating out of Horrid's orbit." Starscream said, almost pouting like a spoiled brat. "I don't want to visit that planet again not if my spark depends on it."

I climb up a nearby table (I mostly did a little climbing because of little bumps that stood out) then see that this abandoned ship had made a huge long scar across the nemesis sides.

"Woops. that's gotta be costly." I commented.

“I remember the ship, it used to have seeker Quakers.” Starscream said, with a sigh at the ‘Quaker’ part.

“Quakers?” I repeat.

“Not all Cybertronians wanted to be part of our war.” Starscream explains. “During the climax most fled our home planet. Some stayed behind and engaged in our destructive but rightful war.” Starscream looks down to the right meaning he’s recalling something not a lie (because making up fake memories requires looking towards the left).”We had to fight in order for our freedom.”

“Oh, so you guys had a civil war!” I squeal, clapping my hands. “WEEE!WEEE!!”

Starscream’s face can easily tell me that my reaction is unusual.

“At least I know why this war started in the first place.” I said, quite happy about this.

“You never knew why we had this feud?’ Starscream looks at me strangely.

“Most Transfans who aren’t familiar to Transformers Prime are familiar to the concept that Decepticons are the bad guys and do not like organics while on the other hand Autobots are the good guys and protect organics.” I explain to him. “TFA’s reason for the war was for Decepticons to be given their own names. That’s from the Allspark Alamac straight from TFA Megs perspective.’

“Names?” Starscream said.

“Yep; names.” I nod.  “Megatron pitied the nameless Decepticon workers on a project. That too is on a Transformer Wikia about the Allspark Alamanc where it had a line  about Megatron’s reason, actually more like an excerpt.”

“So now that your understand,” Starscream rolls his servos in a bundle-like-circle. “Whats your concept of us?”

“You try to do what’s right, which makes you an antagonist-protagonist kind of faction.” I said. Actually feeling a lot smarter about this take on Decepticons. They used to be good but they somehow became you know, what they are defined in Transformers Prime. “Which boils down to being different from the Autobots in every way. Now about the ship.”

Starscream looks towards the window.

“This ship was the ‘Flee for our peace’, something like that. More like Merci.” Starcream said., turning away from the window. “There were many old friends of mine.”

I had never seen an incarnation of Starscream be this relatable, it’s like a sun ray had shined on his helm figuratively. Because the light from outerspace made this similar to a majestic painting of Starscream.

“I thought they made it  .  .  .” Starscream lowers his helmet.

I actually understand why Starscream isn’t so obviously back-stabbing. He wants to survive.

____                                  _____                                       _____

.  .  . Two megacycles later  .  .  .

I had sneaked on Knock Out without making a sound. I've proven it possible to Starscream's face I can be quiet for at least a megacycle. So the privilege was mine to see how Knock Out did 'repair's among the Vehicons. He used a small human  sized hammer to take care of a little dent on a Vehicon's shoulder armor. For some reason Knock Out called the Vehicon a 'Eradicon', and it made me wonder if they are cybertronians who are actually part elf and can summon fire by saying eragon that means fire.

  "Hold still, eradicon." Knock Out had the Eradicon pinned down by some metal.

 "No!" The Vehicon  wiggled in the metal's binds.

 "It was only a bite, I can fix that."  Knock Out then slammed the hammer on the dent.

"OW!" The vehicon yelps.

 Knock Out puts the hammer into his tool box.

 "I told you it would take a ping." Knock Out said.

I climb out of his back compartment laughing.

 "AH!" Knock Out threw me on the floor doing a wanna-be ninja pose. "I know karate and I'm not afraid to use it!"

The Vehicon tries to escape but Knock Out grabs it's hand.

"I'm not done with you." Knock Out said.

The Vehicon whines.

"You are the funniest medic I have ever met; asides Gregory House." I compare the two."He takes Vicodin to relieve his pain and uses a cane to walk around, he's strange but a brilliant doctor who solves mad and impossible diagnoses."

I hum the theme-opening to the TV show as Knock Out stops his ninja pose.

"And what about the wolf bite, Knock Dow--Knock Out." I correct myself.

"It's none of your concern." Knock Out takes a needle out the tool box.

I swear I almost called Knock Out 'Knock Down'.

"Then where's Breakdown who should be helping ya?" I ask.

"He's in the 'unparanoid' room." Kncock Out said as though it wasn't anything serious.

"So Breakdown is in his room, basically." I summarized what he just said.

I swear Breakdown is like the paranoid machine around here. No seriously. Last time he thought my feet were actually cats and my hands were really crabs. Breakdown even believed my head to be a soccer ball that he could kick at! If it wasn't for Knock Out's intervention Breakdown would not have a foot so he could walk around bragging how he is right.

"No no no!" I can only guess this vehicon hates shots. "Please don't give me a shot!"

"Please doesn't work around here." Knock Out said.  "You might get rabies if a servo touches this Cyber-Organic without protection."

The Vehicon stopped trying to escape and didn't make a budge.

"I'mma get a space suit and explore Merci!" I jump of Knock Out's  armor and then land on the ground floor.

The doors shut in front of me.

"There is distinctive orders from Megatron to not let you get aboard that ship." Knock Out said, adding some kind of rubber material around a wound on the vehicon's neck. He takes out a drill and a flat piece of metal from the box. "And I intend to at least do what he says."

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"You can't get an X-ray from me even if ya tried!" I inform him, then kick at the door.

The door flips open.

"See ya, sucker!" I said. "I'm off to do some--dora, dora the exploreer!"  I randomly sang. "I'm off to do some exploring!"

I soo don't expect Megatron to do a stinking thing about it, I mean he doesn't care about me.

Why would Megatron care about a  'Cyber-Organic' going off to a dead-eerie ship? He could be happy by the time some-con takes notice and see's I'm gone.I'm really a annoying pest among the Decepticons.How do I know this? It's by being silent as a ninja when Vehicons and a few cons are in round table talking about how their day went like a support group. There should be a support group for Decepticons because I've been there for this long!

A 'Express your annoyance towards Amy' support group.

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