Why am I in Transformers Prime?

For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformers cartoon.Simply to accomplish this the first episode is seen.For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime. (Cover by The_GirlWhoWaited on Wattpad)


7. How to anoyy Megatron without getting caught

"So we're not going to Quinterra?" Starscream asks, puzzled.

"Of course not," Megatron said. "We cannot put Unicron on the back burner for the Quints."

Of course I happened to be there, but not actually there. Kay I'm within ear shot.Are you happy now? Ooh, I remember all the frenzy that went around one season in Transformers Prime. How could no one forget their DeviantArt newsfeeds getting rampaged by Transformer Prime fans going all over the subject?The season where it revealed the arch Nemesis Unicron. No I did not watch that season at all.Do you recall where I said 'For the past three years I've been avoiding a show'? Good my point has been made.

 Unicron literately was Earth under everything that had gathered around him. One may wonder if Unicron moved occasionally that he caused Earthquakes. I wonder how wet he got from the ocean. How many times have Prehistoric human ancestors fallen to their deaths into Unicron?

Probably a lot.

"As in Lab Quints?" I suddenly said.

Starscream tumbles back a few steps and fell in between two Vehicons (Actually he landed on them).

" ‘Amy’,you are supposed to be .  .  ." Megatron began to say.

"Sleeping, I know." I said, folding my arms.  "And I can't. I'm way too wide-awake, it's like my Sims energy bar is purposely filled up."

Starscream gets up from the two vehicons.

"Go to bed!" Starscream goes. "Humans cannot stay up for four solar cycles without rest."

"Nope." I said. "You are wrong there." 

Starscream and I have a beef against each other.

"Tell me why." Starscream said.

Okay time to explain fady stuff from my memory in one breath!

"Humans are capable of not sleeping for two months." I said, while taking a sigh. I made this 'tsk,tsk, tsk' sound.  "I remember this episode from Medium or The Ghost Whisper where this guy was afraid of being tormented by 'demons' but it was only his fear haunting him by the end of the episode." Starscream looks up at the ceiling with a sigh to himself. "His mother and father had been haunted by supposed 'demons'. They died one night because of these dark figure phenomena bugging them in their sleep. His mother and Father, as ghosts, went to the ghost whisper or the medium asking her to help their son not die from his fear. I actually recall this because of the conversation he had with the woman."

"That is why do not associate myself to humans." Megatron said.

I unfolded my arms.

"Good idea,Megs." I said, giving him a thumb up. "Because they can actually do stupid stuff  when in hands reach of Transformers. Corruption is soo bad but really dreamy."

Did I just say 'really dreamy'?

"Really dreamy?" Starscream repeats.

"Do not call me 'Megs'." Megatron sternly orders me. "Ever."

"Kay." I said,standing on my tippy toes.

I didn't come  in to this universe with shoes on.  I had on white socks.

"Starscream, take ‘Amy’ to the sleep un-deprivation room." Megatron orders him.

Oh so they are gonna try to make me sleep.

Let the games begin.

_____                                                 ___                                      ___

Of course sleeping is not the best option on the table (with being wide awake, of course).Starscream strapped me into a comfy, light like medical berth-table curled upwards. I can tell from a glance that some other vehicons aboard this ship have a 'recharge' problem. Recharge means sleep in Cybertronain terms. One of them was whistling a merry-go-round tune.

"Have you been to Earth?" I ask the seeker.

 Starscream's pinkie digit got stuck in one of the straps.

"No." Starscream said, making sure the straps were tight.

Let’s see how long it takes for him to get it out.

"liiieeeeee." I called him out. "Who else would introduce merry-go-round music to the vehicons?"

Through the barely lighted room I saw a frown on Starscream's faceplate.

"Yoooouu." I sang.

Starscream rolled an optic.

"Stop prying on annoying questions." Starscream said.

"In your dreams, cowboy." I shot back.  "Besiiidess I'm a transfan(who wants to annoy everyone while she can. that's a joke, Screamer)," Starscream's faceplate was 'She just admitted her mission is to annoy us all' initially. "And, only human."

He stood upright as the strap with his pinkie digit made a splitting sound. The look on Starscream's face was worth bugging Megatron. The seeker quickly realized his mistake by taking out his pinkie digit first without doing it in a rush. It amuses me a seeker can be this careless for his own digits. Perhaps Starscream will lose both heels (by me unsuspectingly) tomorrow evening when playing 'Battleship' with some vehicons.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Starscream said, his optics narrowing at me.

"You don't scare me." I said. 

"You are scared of the dark." Starscream said, bringing up my fear in the dark.

"Would you scream at the mirror right after waking up?" I ask the seeker.

The Seeker rubs the back of his helmet, taking a step back.

"Probably no." I roll an eye.

"You better be sleeping next time I come in." Starscream warns me, after he stops rubbing the back of his helmet. Starscream's servo is away from his helmet.

How can I take Starscream for a serious character right now? He obviously forgot I can't die.

"Or what, you gonna tap dance until I do?" I ask him while some of the wide-awake Vehicons start giggling. And then I did my best British accent impression. “Or are you going to read me a story?"

The Seeker heads towards the doorway as those heels click against each other (Or better yet they pressed on each other).I waited for the door to shut behind him. My heart rate went faster. The door squeaks shut. I had to keep myself force-fully awake. I had, had to do something before falling to sleep. What can possibly annoy the living day lights outta the Decepticons?

"I can't sleeeeep, 'Cause all I can do is,"So yeah go figure me started singing. "Think, think, think new stories,"

 "And down came the road,” Some other Vehicon adds into the song. "Came a bouncy organic, and then I crushed it to death,"

A collective sigh from the surrounding Vehicons could have made the tables float and hit the floor upon one sweep.

 "Sing me a song," I sang. "And a melody,dat I cannot remember from this TV show."

 Well let's just say the sleepless Vehicons sang horribly.

"I want a shining star,in the sky,"A terrible pitched Vehicon sang. "Just to touch and burn civilizations down with it!"

Several Vehicons complained the terrible high pitched one is awful at singing all together. This vehicon is the worse singer than any among the batch.

"So,sing me to sleep," I did a Mary Poppins thing there, beat that Vehicons! "Don’t close your eyes,stay away,don't close your eyes."

Oh boy, we've got a singing contest going on.

"Open your eyes,look at your stupid faceplate," A Vehicon sang better than the previous vehicon.Man that Vehicon has some talent! "Your pedals someday will become rock that I will chip at."

"Your eyes are so beautiful, I can't stand away," I hear a young Vehicon sing wonderfully. "And let that beautiful femme walk away from me without a fight."

"Because she will become rock and I will chip at her," The previous Vehicon sang. Kay I'm so calling that Vehicon: RockChipper.

"As a rock, I will sculpt her every solar cycle just the way she is," The Vehicon, who I dubb BeautyFight, because he is defending a fictional femme. "Because she's pretty no matter what happens to her."

I just sat back and tried to sleep.

"She's ugly as a human and she knows it." The terrible singing Vehicon joins in.

"She's so ugly that a woodchiper wouldn't peck at her." RockChipper sang.

"Her beauty will sway the woodpecker into pecking at her." BeautyFight argues back in song form.

"I can't stand to hear you sing." Wish my ears were deaf so badly.

The doors flip open loudly followed by a dark, older presence storming into the room.The lights turn on in the room.

"Vehicons stop singing!" Megatron orders them.

All of the vehicons shut up.

"Turn the living lights off before I bite your digits off one by one."  I use my forearm to cover my eyes.

"Nobody threatens me." I heard Megatron looming above me. Oh yeah he just said that in an ominous kind of way.

"Well, Megsy," I said, now wanting to sleep. "Sorry to burst your bubble; but I just did."

Megatron flips over the berth.

"OOOh Thanks!" I chirp. "Now I can sleep a little bit better.  .  . "

And then I actually fell asleep.

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