Why am I in Transformers Prime?

For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformers cartoon.Simply to accomplish this the first episode is seen.For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime. (Cover by The_GirlWhoWaited on Wattpad)


8. Hai Breakdown

Yesterday I ran around the base yelling 'Starscream loves Sparklings!' around all the vehicons and once around Megatron who couldn't help  but shoo me away (In the process he shot at me because I claimed Starscream was better at actually killing his targets rather than miss them like Megs).I did mention how often he  offlined Starscream in Transformers Animated when Starscream attempted to kill him countless times but yet Starscream returned to life when he had an allspark shard in his forehelm.

I didn't leave out the part where Starscream finally 'dies'. However I added there's a deleted scene where Starcreams optics powered on. Oh boy that annoyed Megatron so much.

"Hey Starscream, you would look pretty in pink." I one day told the seeker.

"Pink?" The Seeker eyes at me. "But you said Knock Out looks better in hot pink."

I turn on a nearby radio that plays a song.

"Hey Starscream, I didn't know you can sing!" I perk up my voice.

"I don't sing!" Starscream defended himself.

I shook my finger at him.

"Yes,yes you do." I argue.

"Prove it." Starscream taps his foot.

"You just proved it." I said matter of factly.

So then we had a 'servo' fight.Actually it's more like 'miss very move Starscream does in thin air' while sitting back and admiring his stupidity that he fell for a lie. His optics are closed.This lie he's fallen for is that I have a jetpack on and it was so perfect to witness with first hand knowledge what's really happening. I will never forget this classic, but priceless moment.

"You fight like a kitten!" I yell, running from side to side. "You miiised!"

Starscream is swatting at the air with his optics closed.

"Stop moving around!" Starscream complains.

When I said 'I merely watch the last episode to every Transformer show', I actually try to do it.  For example I've seen a few Beast Wars episodes on youtube (but lost track what episode I was on when accidently closing the tab), seen a few Armada episodes, seen the fantastic ending to Transformers cartoon that had Vector Prime, Transformers Animated, Technically Generation 1's movie, and a few generation 1 episodes online.

"I'm standing right here." I said, standing still.

To make Starscream think I was actually using a jetpack it involved: me running back and forth acting like he's trying to catch me. Thankfully the vehicons  did not burst this perhaps classic bubble between Starscream and I.But enough is enough when you must start laughing at a stupid Decepticon.

"Standing?" Starscream repeats feeling around the air for me.

Nearby Vehicons are giggling.

"Sheesh." I shook my head. "Open your optics."

Starscream's optics open.

"You never had the jet pack on!" Starscream said with a sharp hiss in his voice that has clear signs of angst and betrayal.

"You were the one who assumed I had on a jetpack." I point out. "Mr-Smarty-pants-who-claims-to have-'Excellent' hearing." And then stuck my tongue out at him.

Starscream shot at me but  instead his shot hit him square at the forehelm, so Starscream fell over.

"I swear Armanda Starscream is getting smarter by the second." I say, looking over the table.

 ________                                                 ________

    .  .   .   . Two hours later  .  .   . 

   . .  . Some part of the nemisis .  . . .

Later that day, I came across this huge unusual Decepticon called Breakdown..He's actually taller than Lugnut from TFA. Breakdown has a orange face. Mostly Breakdown's armor is blue and gray. Actually when ya think about it Breakdown is a bit taller than Knock Out. Oh; do I see a little potential buddy relationship between Knock Out and Breakdown?

"Hai Breakdow . . . " I stop midway gaping at how huge and towering the mech is. I fiddle with my necklace that has the Decepticon symbol locket in circles. "Woah, you're  tall."

"Why are you aboard the ship?" Breakdown asks.

"I don't know." I said, with a shrug. "But ya are really tall for a Decepticon. What kind of mold do ya have tere?"

"Answer my question first." Breakdown folds his arms.

"Well, since you must be buddys with Knock Out, go ask him!" I tell him. "He's so naive. And he worries about his paintjob. What do you worry about?"

"I worry about organics like YOU putting seaweed into my engines," He unfolds his arms. "And reformatting me back to my scout form, and how can I not be told about this? Are you here to do fulfill a a long term annoyance towards us? I cannot see why you, of all organics, are staring at me."

 I snicker.

"It's something like that." I said. "It's a big ship. They probably thought ya knew about it."

He squints at me.

"Why are you not dead?" The question made my heart figuratively go cold. He bends forward towards me. I swear his ominous piercing red optics made me jump! "Organics cannot last a week aboard this ship."

I laugh at his  last comment.

"I can't die." I said, raising my chest. I'm proudly ready to dubb myself in front of this paranoid dude. Who can put on a relaxed, brave face when talking to a plausible Schizophrenia? I believe he does not have it. But he gets paranoid over the slightest things.   "I'm the impossible organic."

"Impossible."  Breakdown stands upright.

I grab Breakdown by his lowered flat tipped servo and steered him all the way to Starscream.

"Breakdown, I'm not ready for an audioful of your conspiracy theories." Starscream pokes a datacard slide into a machine that has a vehicon behind it.

"Let go of my servo." Breakdown orders me.

"Say please." I said, as Starscream looks down.

"You just signed your death wish." Starscream said, in a nightmare-kind-of-manner.

"Starsqueal is your deathwish." I said, letting go of Breakdown's digit. I wink at the taller mech so fast Starscream couldn't have seen it minus the paranoid dude. "Isn't it, Starsqueal?"

"My name is not Starsqueal." Starscream argues.

"But you squeal like an adorable piglet!" I emphasize.

A vehicon leans over in his chair.

"A piglet that I can chip down at it's rock?" Oh that's Rockchipper.

"Are you nameless?" I ask him.

"I um .  .  . well yes." RockChipper embarrassingly said.

"I dub you RockChipper!" I wave a finger at  the Vehicon.And then I shifted my attention to the seeker. Let'er rip! "You squeal like a--"

Starscream shot at me but it hit Rockchipper instead (who fell over and landed on his back).

"That is not possible." Breakdown rubs his jaw.

I groan, clenching through my hair.

"I can't get it through his processor even with proof." I complain. This is so unfair.

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