Why am I in Transformers Prime?

For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformers cartoon.Simply to accomplish this the first episode is seen.For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime. (Cover by The_GirlWhoWaited on Wattpad)


14. Correction: No title

 “Do you have a name?” Knock Out sarcastically asks Rockchipper.

“Of course.” RockChipper said. “I’m Rockchipper.”

"And who is this?" Knock Out jokingly refers to a short vehicon with a cloud like chest armor design.

"His name is Cloud, sir." Rockchipper said,

"Don't call me sir, Rock." Knock Out said. "Call me by my name.  .  . What else are we going to get? A vehicon named; Spoonrazor? Chestnut? Butterfree?” He saw quite a few shift their feet on the floor. “Spoon? Lugnut? Blitzwing? Torturer? Porcupine?”

A vehicon raised his hand.

"A-a-a-amy dubbed me Chestnut." The Vehicon stutters. He has peanut shaped shoulder armor.

"Someone kill me right now." Knock Out sarcastically said, lowering his helmet and shaking it.

I was hiding in the corner of the room watching Knock Out and Breakdown doing an annual health inspection for the vehicons and the other Decepticons.

“I--. Um.  Eeeh.  .” One of the vehicons who resembles a Porcupine is acting scared.  “I.  . Um .  . erm.”

“Spit it out!” Breakdown slaps the Porcupine vehicon. His servo hits a metal thorn. “Ow!”

“M-mymymy name is Porcupine.” Porcupine stutters, and then he gulps.

 I giggled seeing the reaction on Knock Out’s face. I had to walk away before any other Vehicons said their names. Yes, me had the opportunity to name a few vehicons who I can remember: Farmer, Porcupine, Torturer,Cloud, Chestnut, BeautyFight, and  RockChipper. That is about all of the Vehicons I had single handedly given names. So much for being an annoying Cyber-Organic.

Sometimes I wonder if the word ‘Cyber-Organic’ just applied to this universe that I’m in. Often times I find myself wondering if it applies to my story at all, only exclusive to be used once in this tale of mine. I walked down to one side of the nemesis that shows a resort planet similar to earth with a body of clear water and a land-mass similar to a fantastic vacation area.

“So beautiful . . ..” I marveled at the planet’s beauty.

At the end; I came to the conclusion the word Cyber-Organic is rather new to the universe of Transformers Prime. My story is unique, and so impossible. My glasses provided extra effect when seeing the fantastic gray, rolling mountains that look as though dinosaurs had walked on them millions of years ago. No wonder people admired Planet Earth from Outer Space; they got to see its beauty.

“Question: How did you become a Cyber-Organic?”

 I jump outta my skin then outta the second layer and outta the layer with my cybertronian qualities.People may not understand why skin layers matter because they do for some major unknown reason. I fell right back into my three layers of skin; the first layer, second lower layer of skin, and Cybertronian bone structure. Wait a second there; Cybertronain bone structure is not skin.

“Damnit Squidface!” I said, turning around towards Soundwave. I shook my fist at him.

“Correction: Soundwave.” Soundwave corrects me.

I do have to wonder, when would people from my universe decide to use the word? Probably never since most Tranfans are accustomed to the word Techno-Organics and the misspelled name version of Sentinel Prime with an ‘a’. But if it does—the word Cyber-Organics--makes its way through Transformers Prime fandom and into the stories then that’s huge. You don’t know how huge it is until you coin the word then it is used in a lot of Fan Fictions.

 “I don’t KNOW how that portal made me Cyber-organic.” I said, shaking my left fist.

“Correction: Space-Bridge.” Soundwave corrects me.

“Space Bridge my arse!” I had to cool my jets taking breaths and counting to three. “Soundwave, no one has an idea why I became Techno—Cyber-Organic!”

Soundwave acts as though he didn’t believe that.

“Question: What if you were Cyber-Organic in the first place?” Soundwave asks.

“Soundwave; I’ve lived being a human for the past 17 years of my life,and may not look like a teenage but only a fourteen year old .  . .” In all consideration it’s true. “That does not mean I have yet to see real blood; because I have seen it numerous times. One leg of mine is a magnet to get hurt.”

I pull up my right leg’s pant up above the knee.

“See my scar?” I ask, pointing to the middle of my leg.

Soundwave lowers himself to my level.

“Observation:  I see.” Soundwave said, standing upright.

“Good; It took a weak ta heal.” I said, pulling down my PJ’s pant leg.

Soundwave tilts his helm.

“Question: It took someone weak to heal it?” Soundwave asks.

I smile at his yet adorable but mistaken hearing.

“No; it took an earth week.” I said as the smile fades away. “Sorry; I speak too fast.”

Starscream walks our way holding something in his clawed grasp.

“Fetch.” Starscrew threw something so shiny and small that it definitely caught my attention.

My eyes became huge and google-ey.

“MIINNEEE!” I yell while running after it.

I ran after the metal fused air-plane that I had given Starscream three earth days ago. I ran and ran after it down the hallway then through the huge crowded med bay hanger with numerous Vehicons standing around waiting to be inspected. I had my eyes fixated on the plane flying above everyone. I climbed the vehicons as though they had hard tree barks and leaves sticking out from their arms.

 The plane went through a doorway.

“Amy, stop jumping on the vehicons!” Knock Out warns me.

“My scrapping air plane requires this!” I used a cybertronian slang. Yep; go me! “Jump ‘ahoy!” I jumped over several vehicons like they were stone bricks.

“Ow.” One vehicon complains.

I made sure not to jump over Porcupine. That would have hurt landing on his helmet.

Besides the air-plane is my treasure!

I had to imagine this was a mountain where the fear of heights had to be faced running after a kite. That visualization really fit the bill for me. I’ve gotten really good at facing my natural fears such as heights. Heights are the third worst enemy to the human body besides poison and rotten food. I jumped down the last vehicon running after the metal fused air-plane. It had gotten my adrenaline running.

 “Wait for meee!” I shout after the airplane that seemed to be standing there, waiting for me.

The airplane went through an open window.

“EXCUSE, yay!” I went through the window after the airplane without dying. If Megatron asks me why I went through the window; I’ll just say ‘the airplane went through it’. “Now, wait for me dammit!”

A tail of hot steam grew around me, including the tough air plane. This planet is not Earth; we have not passed Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus. I look over my shoulder seeing the nemesis in the distance. I’ll get back there on my own; they’ll see I can take care of myself this time. A big show off never hurts  .  .  .right?

“I’m coming baby!” I yell, putting my arms to the sides and went even faster after the air plane.

I twirl in circles—intact--enjoying my flight.

“Woohooo!” I yell. “Best flight ever.”

My necklace did not burn through this experience.

The plane hit through the atmosphere not breaking into pieces. This shows how tough cybertronian metal is into crashing through an atmosphere. I had ta get there before anything else broke it! Besides,it took Starscream three slagging solar cycles to fix the airplane. I am not about ta lose it again! My speed increased then I zipped towards it.

My body sweats fast and my heart pounds. I reach my arm out hard determined to get this little sucker.The speed increased right on time so I caught the little pest of trouble into my hand. Now we were together and he wasn’t gonna get destroyed on my watch. I look over my shoulder seeing the nemesis far in the distance far where it should be in the blue sky.My attention returns down.

I should have put on space suit with heel blasters, I thought before crashing.

______                                    ________                               _____

.  . . Four hours later  .  . 

. .  . Nemesis  .  .  .

I did it! I successfully got my way back on the nemesis; without anyone knowing I had went after the air plane.I fell down on a couch made specifically for Cyber-Organic like me.The toy airplane capable of flying through space is on an improvised table held up by four substitute vehicon digits and the table itself is left-over scrapmetal.

I sigh, relieved that the ordeal was over.

“Where were you for the last four megacycles?” I heard Starscream.

I look up.

“Hi butchered Starscream.” I greet the seeker.

Starscream folds his arms while tapping his foot on the floor.

“I am not butchered.” Starscream acts like I literality said he is butchered into who-knows-how-many-pieces.  He then acts like a bragging beauty pageant diva. “I’m quite attractive.”

I took off the glasses then put them on the table, and afterwards I facepalmed myself.

“Don’t tell Megatron.” I said.

Starscream has a ‘why’ expression.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t tell Megatron you sneaked to Jungelon.” Starscream said.

I slid my hands down my face.

“I don’t like climbing anymore.” I said, putting back the glasses on.  “Jungelon can go into devastation for all I care! I got bug bites all over my arm!” I roll up my sleeves showing all the ugly bug bites. “And oh, how did you know I sneaked to Jungelon?” I pulled down my sleeves. “I didn’t sneak; I fell after the airplane.”

“Fell is the same association to sneak.” Starscream said.

“Oh,” I folded my arms. “Do we need ta have a word contest with dictionaries?”

“Dictionary’s will not help you in a word contest.” Starscream makes another point.

“Tell me you didn’t make a remote control for it.” I firmly ask, hypothetically. “And you are not answering my question. How do you know I was on the planet for four megacycles? Is there a GPS tracker attached to the airplane?”

“I didn’t make a remote control.” Starscream said, as though I had asked him to make a recording how glorious he is unlike Megatron’s leadership. “You are getting paranoid like Breakdown.”

I look under the toy airplane, and then look back to the seeker.

 “I may act immature,” I put the plane down on the table. “But you sir have creeped me out and done something so . . .You get the gist!” I shook my fist at Starscream’s direction. “I still think you piloted the airplane outta dat window, through outer space, up a mountain, down a lake, and to an abandoned facility that once used to be operated by cybertronians.”

Starscream at first looks flabbergasted.

“Wait—what?” Starscream looks startled. “Cybertronians?”

“Yes,” I said, with a frown at the seeker. “It had everything we,Transfans, associate to Transformers.There were some relics I bothered not to take; why? Because it’ll ruin the historic value this Abandoned Facility has.”

“We  .  .  . never had settlements on that planet.” Starscream said.

“Your ancestors did,kay?” I had my hands together tipped downwards. “I’m exhausted and tired out from the climbing.” I sigh while leaning back into the couch. “Why should you not tell Megatron about this? Because I like ta prove to everyone that I can come back.”

Starscream has this ‘oh’ face.

“.  .  . It was the necklace.” Starscream said. “It has a GPS tracker installed inside it.”

I held up the necklace with the Decepticon symbol on it.

“You know, that hurts.” I said, taking off the necklace.

I put it down beside the airplane.

“Necklaces don’t hurt.” Starscream said.

“Not trusting me to go somewhere does.” I said, and then walk off from the seeker feeling so hurt.

The hurt you wouldn’t have felt unless  .  . . you had gain trust to certain people. No wonder Decepticons are regarded as back-stabbing, deceiving, and cruel robots. That’s because they are, and, I’m stupid.

___                                            _____                                                    ___

  .  .  . Two hours later  .  . 

  .  . . When  ‘Amy’ is sleeping .  .  . 

Starscream put the sleeping girl on the berth.

“I want you to remove six earth hours of memory from her processor.” Starscream said.

Knock Out is startled.

“I’m a medic, not a brain surgeon!” Knock Out claims, in a low voice. “But the question is; what did you do?”

“I told her about the GPS ‘necklace’ earlier.” Starscream admits. “And regaining trust with her is .  .  .  more than difficult.”

“Are we talking about the right ‘Amy’?” Knock Out asks.

Starscream nods.

“I thought that would have been easy for a girl like her.” Knock Out said.

“Apparently not.” Starscream said, with the necklace close by. “And put in fake memories; something to fit the gap.”

“She jumped on the vehicon’s helmet after that airplane.” Knock Out notes. “Procedures like this is not at all practiced—wait, you want me to do it on her?” He couldn’t believe it. “I may do risky procedures but we don’t know if this removing memory task will change her personality one hundred percent!”

“One hundred is a number, Knock Out.” Starscream reminds him.

“But her real name, that isn’t a number.” Knock Out stresses.

“She’s getting paranoid like your friend Breakdown, happy now?” Starscream said. “And I’ve seen it’s worse than Breakdown’s.”

Knock Out looks down to the sleeping girl.

“Changing her memory isn’t going to solve the problem.” Knock Out looks towards the seeker.

“Yes it will,” Starscream insists. “She won’t remember Jungelon and me telling her the necklace is only a GPS tracker.”

“But I can’t change the vehicon’s memories.” Knock Out adds.

“Knock Out,” Starscream said, digging into the berth. “I’ve seen you do it before, now do it again.”

“That was for an emergency.” Knock Out said.

“This is an emergency!” Starscream insists.

Knock Out sighs.

“Fine, but, we are not doing this again.” Knock Out said. “Amy has gotten enough trust for me. At this point she’ll let me put needles into her arm!”

“I swear.” Starscream vows, sliding the necklace forward beside the girl.

“Skate out on your roller skates, Mr.Skater.” Knock Out said, with a smirk.

Starscream at first ignored the statement while taking his claws out of the berth. However when he got to the doorway, Starscream remembered ‘Amy’ had recorded him skating on an icy planet. What Knock Out and all the vehicons have been greeting him lately made complete sense: She had shared it with the other Decepticons and vehicons. Starscream staggers out of the room hoping Megatron had not seen the video at all. Knock Out then begins the procedure on ‘Amy’.

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