Why am I in Transformers Prime?

For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformers cartoon.Simply to accomplish this the first episode is seen.For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime. (Cover by The_GirlWhoWaited on Wattpad)


4. Chasing after a Spider Snake

"And you didn't bother to search for the specimen?" Megatron asks, in a way that could send chills down a Autobot's back.

Knock Out rubs the back of his neck.

"We did not think the Specimen was around." Starscream said.

Megatron's blaring red optics turned into daggers towards the two Decepticons.

"When there's a human aboard the ship?" Megatron says in a mean way. Starscream is visibly startled by Megatron's upset but still harsh demeaning voice.

". . .My liege,there's no way the specimen can eat or kill her." Starscream said. "The human is scared of the specimen.The human will probably scream and run away. I don't see a chance the specimen will kill her."

The large metal eyebrow shaped metal above Megatron's optics work together with his faceplate to make a furious expression.

"Starscream; when a human is scared," Megatron said. "They grab whatever is in hands reach."

 We see Ivy chasing after the Spider-Snake with a heavy stick that has thorns sticking out at the side.

 "And then they hit whoever comes near them." Megatron informs them. "And then she'll kill it!"--Megatron roars-- "Do I have to send in Soundwave for your mistake!"

Knock Out and Starscream share a 'that's about right' eye glance.

"Yes, my liege." Starscream said. 

"We'll be heading to The Quintession's homeplanet;there we can find out what this human is." Starscream sighs like he knew what Megatron had to say next will be a huge relief. "And if she's something that should not be aboard this ship then we will leave her to the Quintessions."

"That's a relief." Knock Out said, with a relieved sigh.

"Soundwave and Knock Out,your mission is to capture the speciemen and get her." Megatron orders the dark and slender-men like Decepticon who's helmet perked up at the mention of his name.

"After we get her, what next?" Knock Out asks.

"I'll have Shockwave make a necklace so we'll KNOW where to find her." Megatron said.

"Like a dog, ooh." Starscream said.

"No Starscream its GPS." Megatronsaid, getting startled reactions from Starscream and Knock Out. He rolled one of his magnificent, big sharp optics closely kept together by wires and another band of redness. The space around his optics were not pitch black but various colors of red. "She kept going on and on about technology."

Starscream mentally rolls an optic  as he slightly  moves his other servo with folded arms.

"Wouldn't  it be useful if we knew this humans name?" Knock Out asks.

Starscream shook his helm while he said, "She refuses to tell us her name."

Megatron grabs Starscream by his wings and drags him towards a door.

"Oww!" Starscream yelps as he is being dragged away. "My wings!  What did I do now?"

The door whish behind Starscream as Megatron drags him into a room.

~                                                                      ~

. . .Ten minutes pass  .  . .

 Shockwave is standing in front of a huge monitor.

"You want me . . . " Shockwave starts, his voice lacked uncertainty but it did showcase a sign of flattery.

"To make a necklace." Megatron said.

If Shockwave had two pairs of optics then it would be obvious. What would become obvious is how shocking it is to be asked by Megatron to make something so primitive and simple. Had Megatron wanted to bust Shockwave's digits to do this? Megatron might be losing his processor at this rate. He considered this primitive idea 'too simple'.He's only a scientist who relies on logic. Ridiculous but a logically sound idea.

What use could this necklace be? It was no sooner when Megatron continued  about the necklace.

 "Make it a GPS tracker; it must be shiny, small, and a locket." Megatron lists. "Make it a Decepticon symbol."

"For a specie I've never seen."  Shockwave insists. Of course he wanted to do the over-complicated-projects.Shockwave would put the simple projects on the backburner.  "Logically  that isn't an ideal task for me."

"Yes it is." Megatron insists, as Starscream's groan can be heard from the monitor. Shockwave is not surprised to hear Starscream groaning (In the background) on the floor; Starscream is used as an example what can happen to them if anyone former bot had joined will get beat up or if someone betrayed their cause

Megatron kicks  at Starscream, again.

Shockwave sighs as his single red glowing optic powers down briefly as he shook his helm.

"I don't know how small this specie's neck is." Shockwave said.

"It's the size of your digit to a minicon." Megatron said, very specifically. "And make it pretty. Make it so pretty that she will not want to lose it."

Shockwave got caught off guard at the mention of 'she'.


"It's a female."

"Does this female have a name?"

"She refuses to tell her name."

Shockwave shook his helm.

"It'll be done in an hour, my lord." Shockwave said.

"My liege, what did I do to deserve this?" Starscream's voice is heard not far from Megatron.

Megatron looks down towards Starcream.

"You are a clear cut .  .  ." Megatron ends the communication with Shockwave.

Shockwave turns towards the table of machinery and small objects across a table.His optic zooms in to the small necklace material laid around,including some tracking gadgets that can go into such a small device. He took out a a small spray paint can device from his left arm.

"This will always elude to who logically made it." Shockwave reminds himself as he set to work.

~                                       ~

The Spider-snake is hideous. Why is it hideous? In my perspective it's worse than Syfy's monsters seen in their original movies.Trust me I've seen one's share of good and bad Syfy movies.The Spider-Snake looks like a classic experiment gone wrong,and, perfect for a Syfy movie. Okay imagine a long dark Green snake curled up. Next imagine it's forehead has multiple eyes,picture spider-legs coming from the sides that bare resemblance to the snakes body (except it has hair-like features standing up),triple the spider-snake's size more than a bear but most light-weight enough for a 'Con to hold it.

 Then TADA! You have a Spider Snake.

  I lost track of this spider snake. It's really sneaky. One minute this-random-heavy- gigantic stick was near the lower half of the snake and next minute this spider-snake disappeared. It was like the Bermuda triangle had been moved here.Wanna know how I got the Spider Snake's attention in the first place? Guess who whacked it using stolen sun-glasses which ended up getting broken into pieces. One guess: Me! So now I'm wearing my clear lenses glasses.

  Holding the heavy, hard weapon is partially a problem in weight and strength for my arms.

 "Ya can do it." I reassure myself.

Oh yea The Decepticons don't know my name, so, it's best to keep my name under the shroud and not repeat it to myself. What? I'm weird, go figure. I could hear the Spider-Snake coming closer and closer. From the corner of my eye it's coming down the hallway. I smile at this plausibly little funny next event going on in my head. Most likely gonna slip on my shoes while one shoe flies into the air. I collect myself. So then I charge at it and chop off a leg.

 "THERE YOU GO!" I shout as it screeched while skedaddling away.

 The Snake screeches.

"You shall pay for my stolen sunglasses! I had to steal 'em!" I shout chasing after the beast.

Pretty much the most not logical choice of action.

I don't care about logic; I CARE ABOUT AVENGING my slagging good pair of sunglasses!

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