Why am I in Transformers Prime?

For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformers cartoon.Simply to accomplish this the first episode is seen.For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime. (Cover by The_GirlWhoWaited on Wattpad)


5. Annoying two cons, is that possible?

A/N My character's annoying comments made in this chapter towards the Decepticons are inspired off   "100 ways to annoy Soundwave" and "100 ways to annoy Knock Out".

To avenge a pair of sunglasses is no easy task. The lights in the hall went out a couple times. Once or twice there might have been two Spider-Snakes slithering-crawling around more like Slrawthing around.Slrawthing means a mix of crawling and slithering on the floor. Yes my mind  is really creative. The girl who somehow round up in Transformers Prime has just made up a word which is not a word.Perhaps other people can call this pattern as Sleuthing. All right enough of this word non-sense!

 "Stop turning the slagging lights out!" I whack the giant weapon on something squishy.

The frightening spider-snake screech filled the air.

 At first I wanted to scream and run away. But running away from your fear is a definite no-go.

"I will not run away." I dislodged the weapon out from whatever it had struck.

 This Spider-Snake will not escape! Not unless it loses a leg.

"Hyyaaah!" I yell running in the dark.

What happened next is the inevitable; I tripped.

"Ah man!" My hand let go of the huge weapon.

Running in the dark like a blur is my greatest foe.


The weapon clashed on the floor. I could hear pieces bounce around quite loudly.If bounce is the right word to describe a delicate weapon shattering after hitting the floor is not correct then who knows what is.I guess one of the fragments hit my left finger.My left finger stung badly as though a bee had taken the humble opportunity to sting me. It's pretty sad knowing that bee's die right they sting ya. Not that I have never ever been stung before by an insect. My brother Christian got stung by a bee once on his toe and it swelled up. My brother is like the Rocket boy.

I heard a hiss-slither close-by.

Suddenly I got this strange spheria tone image of a Spider Web decorated in dead critters around several generators that are seemingly shut down. Oh my freaking primus this reminds me of the 'Sanctuary of the Spark grows' chapter from Shattered Dreams, except this involves a living organic not a machine.Some-one is so not going to die.There's a big sack growing above the generators.It became apparent by the egg shapes that the Spider-Snake had made a nest using the spider-web. Maybe Spider-Snakeia mated before The Decepticons took her aboard.

"Wow, ho-h-h-howw unoriginal." I stutter.

Yeaaah, I'm calling dibs on Spider-Snakeia. Why add 'ia' at the end of this name? Because it makes sense to me and The Spider Snake is a female.Go eat some cookies if this doesn't make sense to you.I'm the queen who can speak way too fast. I'm also queen of confusion (in my opinion).Better yet go outside and chase your dog. Actually, just  do some exercises whenever you don't understand me. 

The image disappeared a second afterwards.The lights turn back on. Behold the floor is covered in sharp objects. I know that I cannot die but getting hurt is clearly possible because my finger is bleeding.I stared at it because it's light blue--Light freaking mother trucking blue--like blue seen from the new era of Transformers. My attention shifts away from what could be my biggest worry of all time: Techno-Organic. Or should Techno-Organics be referred to as Cyber-Organics in this universe?

Anyway because I was standing  there surrounded by sharp objects. I had to stand there for primus knows how long.I wonder why why I cannot be killed but can be hurt and not feel hungry. Anyway press fast forward now see how still I am--well minus the part where I'm scratching the top of my nose, including a quick scene where I'm scratching my forehead.It is very close, and, impossible to NOT scratch yourself standing around surrounded by pointy objects. Okay stop fast forward where the two Decepticons have just came.

 I look up to Knock Out. This is insane but Knock Out has Movieverse Optimus Prime's paint job.

 "Knock Out, did you just paint yerself blue with red flames?" I ask.

"Why yes I did." Knock Out said proudly.

 For once there isn't a single comeback I can think of.

"Does it look good on my armor?" Knock Out asks.

"No dude," I rub my forehead while shaking my head. "That's Optimus Prime's thing."

Knock Out didn't compute what I said as he looks pretty clueless.

"Optimus Prime's Bayverse counterpart has  red flames." I said. 

The gigantic dark light gray and purple cybertronian version of Slendermen dropped a piece of Spider-Snakeia's leg.

"Hai Squidwave!" I greet Soundwave.

He tilts his helm at me.

"What?" I ask. "Should I call ya Slenderwave?"

Three dots appear on his face-viscard-thing.

"Ya got tentacles, so, ya got to be a squid or Slenderman who wears a suit and doesn't wear a face."

 Soundwave simply stared at me.

"Are ya fond of using Comma's in your dialogue?" I ask.

Soundwave didn't answer me, queen obvious.

"Um where's your face? Are you a swimmer rather than a flyer? Didn't ya use to be a rolling boombox on Cybertron?" I ask a bullet row of random questions that came to mind.Man it's easy to sound annoying when I am being annoying. Knock Out pretty much had a smug smile.  "Did Bumblebee blast your face off?'

Soundwave folds his arms at me as a frown emote appears on his visor thingy.

 "IT'S GOT CHICKEN LEGS!" I did in my best improvised high pitch lowered voice similar to Gir AND Animated Starscream voice while pointing at  Soundwave's legs.

Knock Out scoots away from Soundwave as his foot pushes aside the sharp material into a path somewhat.

 "Good!" I wave my arms. "Keep doing that!"

Knock Out sighs, apparently annoyed just as Soundwave is.  He didn't understand me.

 "Scooting?" Knock Out repeats.

I rub my forehead.

"I don't like to stand still as you can see." I put my leg forward, waving it above the sharp objects. "Also, I know where Spider-Snakeia's nest is."

"Nest?" Knock Out repeats.

"Yep. So that's why the power went out; it's been feeding off the power generator for it's hatchlings that store the energy somewhere in their body during development," Looky here, I'm  doing techno-babble like The Eleventh Doctor. Nice going girl. "Or it spurrs hatchlings development quicker than normal.The nest is made out of spiderweb silk. Sticky, ewwy, and can stand the weather: except for robot armor."

Soundwave tilts his helmet.

"I  .  .  . did not understand a word you said." Knock Out said, crossing his servos above each other at the  'Not' part. "Speak normally."

"Nest: feeding off power generator." I mockingly did a Soundwave thing.

Soundwave made this reaction that was like 'I don't speak like that!' while I stuck my tongue out. You can literally tell under his mask Soundwave is making  this dang expression.That blank surface with a radio signal glowing across it. He had a ticked off emote on the heart-beat-like-screen.Oh boy I know for sure a certain friend of mine will find that adorable. No I'm not attracted to Soundwave; that's not my interest type.

Knock Out sighs, shaking his helm.

"How did you  get surrounded by this?" Knock Out asks.

Oh yeah he really likes to know how I have apparently done the impossible. Can't blame him.

"I dropped a really cool looking weapon with sharp features below a scythe like part." I tell them, folding my arms. Soundwave straightens his helmet. "I slipped, that's why." Like a boss. "If you two are lazy enough not to clean up this mess then one of you will have to pick me up and have me loudmouth hanging around on yer armor!"

Soundwave and Knock Out held their servos out.

"One, two, three.  .  . " Knock Out counts.

Then they did Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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