Uncharted minds

In this world women are grown into perfection for society. In most cases for men, to be owned, to be a trained possession. Sunday is an ordinary trainee, living, breathing her routines in the house of Ladies North, in the dystopian Washington.
But when Sunday is the chosen match for the heir to the thrown, her life is turned upside down.


1. Chapter 1



     I woke up remembering the dream I was having just moments ago, only to realize that none of it deemed real in this world.  The cold clear lights above me were such a stark contrast to the warmness of the dream inside my head. The fuzzy images of running, no, of flying. The freedom of the air in my lungs and the warmth of the sun in uncharted fields.

     I was quickly ripped away from that fantasy and planted in the harsh reality of my surroundings. The familiar moaning of the girls around me, as reluctant to waking as I am. The sickly color of pale sheets and cold metal door handles. And as much as Id love to crawl back inside my head, to the comfort of my bed, Im forced into the stiff white gown and back down the drab hallways to the beginning of another day. 


     This is Ladies North. Welcome to Hell. 

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