Just Friends?


1. A New School


A new year a new school. Im A sophomore at Eastwood High and my name is Sophie. I dont know anyone here so i was a little nervous. I found my locker a couple minutes after i entered the school. Next to my locker was a girl with brown hair. Im blonde, and hey, every brunette needs a blonde. "Hi, my names Sophie." "Im Kodie." "What class do you have right now?" I asked. "I have English" "So do I!" I yelled. We went to class and took a seat. A hot guy came in with his three friends around him. "Kodie who are they?" I asked "oh them? Thats Luke Hemmings with his friends Calum, Michael, and Ashton. Be careful though just like that and you can fall in love im already in love with Michael you in love yet Sophie?" " i think so" "With who let me guess Luke?" "ya how did you know Kodie?" "Everyone is in love with him." The class began and i couldnt take my eyes off of him. I went back to my locker getting ready for my next class and how awesome is this. Luke's locker is right next to mine. Lets see how far this goes today.

Hi guys this is my first fanfic please dont judge and i hope you like it i will be updating it everyday so fill in with the story and by the way IT WILL GET BETTER!! 😘😍 love ya guys

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