How to enrage the fandoms

How to enrage the fandoms.


5. Starkid Fans

-Hate the song "Going Back to Hogwarts"

-Say Darren Criss is better in Glee

-Say Draco would be better played by a boy

-Say you don't find Joe Walker hilarious as Umbridge

-Hate the Sorty and Scarfy pairing

-Complain that the actors are holding scripts in A Very Potter Senior Year

-Not cry at the end of A Very Potter Senior Year

-Hate the Tootsie Megagirl pairing

-Be happy when Buggette dies

-Say the Joker would've been better than Sweet Tooth

-Say Aladdin is good and Jafar is evil

-Insult Dylan Saunders' singing

Suggested by aknk2000

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