On the Road

When Sasha took on a secretive job, she had all the hopes it would turn out to be an amazing one. Little did she know she would be encountering an old friend of hers and his four new best friends.


3. 3

I get into the van and smile at the grumpy looking driver. Not surprisingly he doesn't smile back. 


"do you think you could tell me who I'll be working for? I'm so excited I can hardly wait"




I watch out the window, the quietness relaxing, I love quiet. 


"...what about...what does this person look like?" 


"don't bother" 




An hour later we arrive at what looks like a giant stadium. We drive around to the back where the big buses are. 


"you go to the second bus on the right. Now get out " 


"thank you!" 


I can't help almost running to the bus in my excitement to find out who I'll be spending three months with. I get inside the bus and look at the messiness. 


"I hope they don't expect me to be a maid as well" I mutter, walking to the little kitchen. I set uo everything I need and begin cooking, theres a note on the counter that says they want steak.just as I finish the food, the door opens and a very familiar face makes my blood run cold.

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