Still a Work in Progress (emphasis on progress)
Mercy lives in a world where perfection is everything.
Where her life, what she does, when she dies, who she loves, is decided for her.
In a world where the Flawless are superior to the Flawed.
But when Mercy helps a Flawed, the consequences will change everything.
Mercy is a Flawless, but she longs for freedom,
for her life and for love


1. Just a random Chapter


I smile as he leans down from the branch, extending his hand to me, winking as I take it, a smile pulling at his lips as he lifts me easily up the tree, and watches as I allow my legs to swing from the perch, kicking my shoes off with my feet, his hand still holding onto my arm as he sits down beside me.
I gasp in awe as he pushes one of the branches aside and reveals the sky above us, the stars shining down on us, the gems that had been hidden by the canopy of leaves and bark glowing in perfect harmony, like hanging diamonds, frozen in mid-air.
“Do you ever dream of escaping?”
Ky’s hand grips mine, his eyes fierce as they gaze at the sky.
“Yes,” I whisper, my heart speeding up as I confess. If my family heard us…
“Then why don’t you?” he turns towards me, smiling, free hand held out, waiting for me to take it. “Run away with me Mercy.” His face is animated, excited, as if he suddenly had a magical idea which changes everything. “Run away from all this, I know we can. We can get away, head for the Outside, join the Resistance.”
I smile at how easy he makes it sound. He’s right, we could just run. I’d be able to get away, from my family, from my engagement. I’d be free, and with him. 
“You know I can’t.”
I hate that it has to be this way. But if I ran away, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. And I couldn’t leave Levy to face our family alone. I’d promised that I’d keep her safe.
Ky nods, and I feel a stab of despair as the atmosphere thickens, pain flashing through his eyes so fast that if I’d blinked at the wrong moment, I would have missed it. It’s worse, knowing that it was me who’d caused that pain.
He smiles, but we both know it’s fake. An act, to try and fool each other.
“You see that star,” he points with his free hand, and my eyes follow the movement. “You can always see it from the Compound. Sometimes, at night, I reach out, and imagine touching it.” He blushes, and my heart flutters. “I like to think that its trapped, like us, and that if I catch it, somehow we can both be free.”
His arms falls away as he smiles sadly, reaching fingers clenching into a fist balanced against the tree bark.
“I always thought of you as a star. You’re trapped, like me, but you just keep burning, getting brighter and brighter. I thought that if I could touch you, at least one of us would be free.” His eyes meet mine, mournfully staring as he lifts his hand, this time, not to the sky, but to my face.
He traces it with a desperation we both understand. The need to memorise everything, every freckle, every line, and preserve it in his mind. I moan as he traces my lips, his hand gentle as they outline their shape. I hear him groan, and feel my skin prickle, burning as he presses down harder.
The kiss is slow at first. His mouth on mine is cautious, as if he’s afraid that if he’s too harsh, I’ll shatter.  I shiver, feeling his desire, his hand creeping up my back, dropping away from my arms and climbing to my neck, reassuring as it holds me closer to him. I feel his passion; it’s the same as mine.
I don’t know where my body ends and he begins. I’m lost in him, in the moonlight I feel as if my heart is about to explode. Blood rushes to my head as the kiss speeds up, reflecting our need to satisfy the longing that we’d so far kept under control.
 It feels so right, but at the same time, I’m screaming. I shouldn’t be here, with him, feeling this way. If we were ever found out, they’d kill him.
It’s everything I imagined. The perfect expression of our love. I want it to last forever, but all too soon, it’s over.
He breaks away panting. His shoulders shake, although I’m not sure if that’s to stop him from continuing or from disappointment.
“It’s not fair,” he breathes, pulling me into his arms. “It’s not fair.” He repeats, holding onto me like a drowning man holds onto a piece of drifting wood; like his life depended on it.
I want to answer, to say something, anything, but I know it would be pointless. So instead, we sit in silence, not ready to speak the words, as no amount of words are able to express what we feel.
I listen to his heart, feeling his chest rise in fall in perfect motion behind me. I want so badly to turn around and kiss him again. My breath is ragged. Is this what Love is?
I close my eyes, breathing in him, wishing that I knew his arms could protect me from the world that seemed so focused on tearing us apart. Wishing that the night would never end, and that we’d be free to stay with each other, forever, hidden by the shadows. I
I was determined not to fall asleep, but I feel exhaustion set in, and soon I’m battling the wave of unconsciousness that threatens to crash down on me.
“It’s ok,” Ky whispers in my ear, his words tickling my skin as he strokes my hair. 
I open my mouth, about to reply, when my vision blurs. The world fades, and the last thing I see is his face, gazing down at me with an expression mixed with love and sadness.
Then I’m swept away by the tide, into an ocean of Nothing, screaming in growing despair because I know that when I finally wake up, he’ll already be gone.



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