Catie falls in love with a well known criminal on the run. The question is can she handle it?


3. Where ever you wanna take me

   He started up his motorcycle and he took me to the city. I held on to him as tightly as possible. I'd never been on a motorcycle before and let me tell you being on it with a criminal made everything more fun. "Where are we going?" He shouted.

   "Where ever you wanna take me!!!" I shouted back.

   He pulled up to this motel. Kinda run down but what can i expect. He's a criminal. Not like he can actually stay in a certain place. I took of my helmet and flipped my hair back and that got his attention very quickly. A sly smirk spread across his face as he took my hand and lead me to the door. My heart was racing. I don't think I have ever felt a connection like this so quickly before. But all i knew is that i was definitely in for a wild ride. He unlocked the door and held it open for me. He closed the door behind him and went over to the dresser opening the top drawer. He pulled out pants and a shirt then looked at me. "Since i wont let you go home to some asshole tonight your pick. Tops or bottoms?" I gave him a weird look. He laughed. "I'm kidding. Here." He said and tossed me the shirt.

   He took of his shirt and sat on the bed. I studied his back like it was one of my college books. He caught me staring. "Are you gonna stare at me all night or go change?" He said and smiled. I was taken back by his comment.  I looked at the floor and went to the bathroom. I tried to unzip my dress but i couldn't reach the zipper. 

  "Liam can you come here i need help with my dress." I yelled

   He opened the door and looked at me. He placed on hand on my side and one on the zipper. The dress fell to the floor and he started kissing my neck. He pushed my hair to the side so he could get a better spot. I turned around to face him and firmly pressed my lips to his. I swear hes gonna be poison. I placed my hands on the back of his neck and pressed my body to his. He  wrapped his hands around my waist gently squeezing me. He moved his lips back down to my neck gently biting my skin. I tilted my head back. Basically lifeless in his arms. He looked up at me. "I don't wanna have a one night stand with you. I want you." He said with his head in the crook of my neck. I felt kind embarrassed. I pulled away from his grasp. I picked up his shirt off the floor and put it on. He kissed my cheek and i walked over to the bed.

   I laid down and looked at the ceiling. I wanted something to happen. I really did. I couldn't deny that i didn't want anything to happen or that i didn't want him. I just know that what i'm getting into isn't smart.


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