Catie falls in love with a well known criminal on the run. The question is can she handle it?


2. Meeting him

    I Was at the ball with my boyfriend of two years Austin. Man he was a dick to me. He beat me everyday then leave and cheat on me.  I didn't know how much more i could take of this. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. Austin didn't really like it when i didn't have tons of perfume on or no make up. I walked out of the bathroom and saw him with a pretty blonde. I became furious. I don't know why i did but i just had to say something.

    "So you aren't working the street corner tonight i see." i snarled at the girl.

    Her mouth dropped open like she was going to say something but Austin cut her off. "Are you joking me right now. Come here." He spat. He dragged me outside in the front building and grabbed my face. "really you're gonna fucking embarrass me like that. How dare you. You're nothing but a whore and i don't understand why i ever liked you. You are a pathetic excuse of a person. You understand me."

    I stepped on his foot and he slapped me. "HEY!" some man said and came up to punch Austin in the stomach. Austin fell to his knees and the man hit him again but this time to the face. Austin let out a huge grunt in pain. The man gave him one final blow to the jaw then turned to me. "You okay?"

   "Yeah." I said as he turned around. "Wait." i whispered. I kicked Austin as hard as i could in the balls and sighed. "Now im okay."

    The man smiled "How bout we go for a ride." I nodded my head and jumped on the back of his motorcycle. "whats your name?" He said.

     "Catie. What about yours?" i responded quickly. 

     He laughed. "Its Liam.  Liam Payne."

      My jaw dropped open. He was one of the biggest criminals out there. But i have to admit. Hes hot.

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