Catie falls in love with a well known criminal on the run. The question is can she handle it?


7. His hand fits in mine

    He took my hand and his fingers intertwined with mine. His hand was huge compared to mine. His hand fits in mine like its made just for me. He lightly rubbed my hand with his thumb and looked down at me. He gave me a big cheesy grin showing his pearly white teeth. "Do you like that?" He said. I nodded my head and got closer to him. He just makes my heart melt. We walked into the mall and i looked around. I was really out of my element and i think Liam could tell. I looked at him with puppy dog eyes. He laughed at me. "You're big blue eyes look gorgeous when you do that. As much as i would love to look at them all day we need to get you some clothes. Where would you like to go?" I shrugged my shoulders at him. I wasn't really good at shopping. Austin always told me what to wear. He smiled. "Alright ill pick some stores and we can go look in there yeah?"

   I sighed. "Okay. Whatever you want me to wear i'll wear."

   His eyes widened at me. He looked like he just seen a ghost. "No no no no no no. You pick what you want to wear. You'll look beautiful in anything. Like i said ill pick the stores and you pick the clothes." 

   I smiled at him. He leaned down and i stood on my tippy toes as our lips met for a kiss. sometimes only being 5'6 has its perks. 

   Liam parted his lips from mine and away we went.

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