Ever Falling

*** NEW 2014 *** What would you do, if you were the most hated person on this earth for following your heart? Kaitlyn O'Toole is an ordinary 18 year old with a sister named Rose who guess what, is a huge fan of One Direction. At a One Direction concert she drives her sister and friend too, she gets the attention of singer and musician, Niall Horan. She won't just fall for him, she will be Ever Falling. Little did she know that at this concert she will meet the love of her life and start living a life full of romance, love, desire, and hatred from the fans. Will she be living the dream or a part of the nightmare?


2. Chapter 1

"Rosemary would you and Alison please cut that loud music off!" I screamed over the loud roar of the s that stereo that was currently playing Midnight Memories by One Direction. I pulled my bush through my curly hair. Nothing was happening, my hair was a lost cause. I finally gave up on trying to detangle my mess of red hair. If I tried anymore I could break my brush in half like last time.

"Oh come on Kaity, the song is almost over." My sister's high pitched voice screamed from the other side of the wall.

"Ugh, just turn it down some will ya?" My Irish accent coming strong at the end. Gosh I hated when my accent slipped out at times. Through my bedroom wall I could hear Alison muttering something to Rose saying that I'm starting to act like an adult. I rolled my eyes. Of course I was starting to act like an adult, I turned 18 last week and I am practically a senior now. I heard the music turn down. "Ahh, that's more like it." Facing my mirror that was attached to my wardrobe, I began to braid my hair because there was nothing much I could do really. Please let my hair cooperate tomorrow. Tomorrow. After wrapping a pony tail holder at the end of my braid, I put a white night gown on and crawled into bed. As I began to pull the covers over my head I heard the music cut off and heavy footsteps thumping down stairs followed by the door opening and slamming shut. Alison must have left. I shut my eyes. Tomorrow was the day. It was a big day tomorrow for me, Rosemary, and Alison as well.


The Next Morning

Beep......beep.......beep, beep, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! I out stretched my hand lazily and searched for the alarm clock. When I finally found it I slammed it off and pulled my hand back under my sheets. I turned away from the noisy device and settled in to get a few more hours of sleep. Then my eyes were wide open. Today was the day. The first day of school. I quickly threw my covers on the floor and scrambled to get out of bed. I picked up my phone from where it was charging on my pillow and looked at the time. It read 7:03 a.m. Phew school started in and hour and a half. But then again I have an hour to get dressed before Mom takes Rosemary, Alison, and I to school. Walking quickly I made my way into the bathroom located in my room ad turned the shower on. Stepping in I quickly began scrubbing my body with soap. I stared at my feet as the shampoo and soap began to drain away. Pulling the curtain back I grabbed a towel and began drying myself. That had to be the fastest shower I have ever taken. One my teeth were brushed and clothes were on I made my way downstairs. Before I reached the kitchen I stopped to look at myself in the hallway mirror. My red hair was naturally curled that made it look beautiful around my heart shaped face. My honey brown eyes had black eyeliner under and light pink eye shadow on top. Applied on my lips was a pretty coral color that gave my face a natural, beautiful look. My outfit consisted of a cute light pink shirt and a black skirt (school appropriate of course) with some black glittery flats. Happy that I looked decent I made my way into the kitchen. My mom, Rose, and Alison were sitting in stools around the Island in the center of the kitchen eating pancakes. I grabbed a plate and filled it with several pancakes and made my way to them.

"Are you ready for your first day of middle school?" I asked my sister as I took a seat. I quickly began eating when I noticed that she still hadn't answered my question. It was then that I noticed she had her headphones in and was glued to her phone. I looked over at Alison and noticed she was doing exactly the same thing. I rolled my eyes. What could those girls be up to?, besides stalking those 5 boys all day. They were so obsessed with them that had everything of the m. I mean EVERYTHING. Tooth brush and all. Rose and Alison even dragged Mom to Office Depot to get their binders and dividers, which they had in their lap right now. My sister had a blue one with Harry on it and Alison had an orange one with.... I don't remember his name, Lewis I think? Those were their favorite members of the band.

"Okay girls, we need to be on our way, I don't want you to be late on your first day of school." Mother began saying as she began to rise. Swinging her long brown hair back she grabbed her coffee mug and car keys and walked out the front door. I liked the way my mom dresses professional every day. Today she had on a gorgeous black dress with heels to match and silver diamond earrings with her silver Michael Kors watch to match. After she dropped us off to school, she had to go to work at the office where she works with my dad who already left. They have many clients and are the best lawyers you could possibly get. Smiling I made my way to the sink passing a gorgeous flowers vase with red carnation flowers that my mamaw brought home from her business. There were flowers every where and gave the house a lovely smell. Turning the water on I began rinsing my plate.


The plate in my hand crashed in the sink. Startled I turned around to see my sister and Ali screaming at the top of their lungs. They were both screaming forcefully. "Did you get it?!?!?!" Ali asked my sister.

"Yes, they repeated the code word 3 times!!!!!!" Rose answered excited. Code word? Wha-

"They are going to have the contest at noon, Radio Disney said it had to be the 16th caller!" Alison chirped.

I was fixing to ask them what in the world were they talking about when a car honk startled me. They turned and walked out. I grabbed my multi colored binders and Coach purse and followed them outside, still baffled. We quickly made our way inside the Volvo van, which consisted of me sitting in the passenger seat while Rose and Ali were pilled up in the back. During the ride I began imagining me starting to drive to school. I just recently got my license this summer and I have been dying to start driving my new 2009 Toyota Corolla. It was white and shiny. Tomorrow will be the first time I actually drive it. I got it for my birthday last week as a present. But my mother only let me drive her van this whole summer and didn't change that rule when I got it last week. It is tradition for my family for my mom or dad to drive us on the first day of school. If it hadn't been for that I would be in my new car right now, but oh well, I guess tomorrow will have to do. Alison and Rose began giggling nervously in the back seat to something the person on the radio had said. They were listening to Radio Disney because of that contest I believe. I smiled to myself, I hope they win I thought. As we began nearing Hoover Middle School, I pulled out a pack of gum and offered them some.

"What kind is it?" asked Alison.

"Mint." I replied. Its always good to be prepared on the first day. They both took a piece just as my mom pulled up to the front of the school.

"Have a good day at school girls." my mom told them.

"Thanks, hopefully I will." Alison replied. "Bye Kaitlyn, and oh! Don't you dare forget to tell me where you bought those shoes!" she said smiling while putting her headphones on. I grinned at her. "You'll never guess." She got out of the car laughing. Rosemary got out and came to my side of the car to give me a hug.

"Bye Kaitlyn, bye Mom, love you both." she said getting ready to leave.

"Bye honey!" my mother said.

"Bye Rose, be careful and have a great day." I told her. She waved goodbye and made her way through the crowd to find Alison. Just as my mom began to pull away from the middle school I looked outside of the window and my stomach churned in absolute disgust. I looked at my sister appalled. My sister, 13 year old Rosemary Stewart, was in the middle of a deep makeout session with her boyfriend Bruce. Alsion was stainding nearby with her headphones on and her attention focused on her phone.My throat filled with vile at the sight I just witnessed. I sneaked a peek at my mother to see if she had seen. She had her lips pursed in a thin straight line and her eyes looked angry.

"I am not looking forward to tonight." she muttered.

I was fixing to ask her what she meant by that but something in her expression told me to keep quit. I I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding and prayed that Rose would make smart desicions.

Hoover High School was right by the middle school, 2 minute drive. I grabbed my things and and said a quick goodbye to my mom.

"Kaitlyn wait."

Uh oh, she used my full name.

"Yes mom?" I asked.

"I just want you to remember what we talked about, no drama, and no irresponsible boys." she stated. I rolled my eyes. I already had this talk with her.

"Of course not Mom, I plan on focusing on my education only." I told her.

"I trust you." was all she said. I nodded and wished her a good day at work as I got out of the car.

Walking toward the main entrance of the school, I looked up at the school name and smiled. Only one more year and I'm finished. I never really liked this school. It had too many fights and the teachers were super strict for some reason. As I made my way inside, I saw a lot of students bunched up trying to read papers taped on the walls. Those were the sheets that contained where your first block class was. Looking at the crowd of students again a familiar round faced, green eyed, blonde haired girl caught my eye.

"Rebecca!" I called out smiling. Rebecca turned around with a big grin on her face. She pulled me into a huge bear hug. I could faintly smell her Viva La Juicy perfume.

"Kaitlyn! I've been looking all over for you!!! I have great news! It looks like we are going to be taking first block together! See!" she said pointing to the paper that had both of our names on it. My smile widened.

"Looks like we are going to have fun passing notes in class just like the old days huh?" I teased, knowing I got her in trouble one time which resulted in her getting detention. She playfully slapped me on the shoulder and shook her head laughing.

"I got my phone taken away because of you!" she yelled. I laughed along with her and looked back at the paper to see where our class was located.

"Our class is downstairs, room 124, its Spanish 2 but hmmm..... it says we have this teacher named S.Crater? What happend to Mrs. Counts?" I asked.

"I dunno, rumor has it she got fired and I heard Mrs.Crater is new." she told me shrugging. I was heartbroken, I loved Mrs.Counts. I shook my head and followed Rebecca out the crowd. "Hey mind coming with me to the restroom?" asked Rebecca as we were making our way down the stairs. I nodded just as we rounded the corner of the foreign languages hallway. We began passing classrooms 127, 126, 125. As we passes 124 I quickly glanced inside, Rebecca did the same. We were not prepared for what we were about to see.

Sitting at the desk was a handsome looking young man with gorgeous black hair and piercing blue eys.On his desk stood a plack that said MR.Crater. If there was a person in this world that resembled how he looked, it would be Ashton Kutcher. Once we made it into the restroom that was at the end of the hallway I quickly grabbed the counter to steady myself.

"Did you di di did you see him?!?!" Rebecca practically shouted. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink. I imagined I looked a whole lot worse. When I took a look in the mirror I found out I was correct. My face was as red as a tomato. The fact that I had red hair did not help the matter.

"DID YOU HEAR?!?!" This time she did scream, causing an onyx eyed light skinned girl to stare at us. I put my hand over my mouth and nodded. This year was going to be perfect.

"WHAT A WAY TO KICK OF OUR SENIOR YEAR!!" Now it was my turn to scream. The light skinned girl started to look at us crazy. Of course she was, who wouldn't look at two teenage girls screaming at each other in a school restroom crazy.

"We have Ashton Kutcher as our teacher." Rebecca said smiling to herself. It was like she read my mind. We quickly used the restroom and washed our hands. On the way back Rebecca couldn't help but giggle and grin at me, I did the same. I sure hoped our giggle fit would cease before we got to class. "I wonder if he talks like Ashton Kutcher." Rebecca said causing me to burst out laughing just as we walked into the classroom, causing Mr.Crater to raise his eyebrows at us. If there was a shade of red redder than a tomato, that would be the color of my face right now. I groaned as I looked at Rebecca, her face was completly neutral, no blushing.

She caught me staring and stuck her tongue out at me. "Payback for the notes," she mouthed grinning. I rolled my eyes at her, I was so going to get her back. We looked around the classroom and noticed that mostly all of the seats were taken, except the ones in the front row. I took a seat there and Rebecca sat next to me just as the bell rang.

Mr.Crater shut the door after a group of students rushed by. As they passed by a tall, brown haired jock with hazel eyes and his friends scanned the room. A few people sitting in the back moved to the front as one of hazel eyes's friends snappped his fingers. How rude. I felt sympathy for the geeks as they made their way to the front and felt hatred to the jocks as they made their way to the back. When I looked back I looked at hazel eyes more closely. I swear I have seen him befor-

"Goodmorning Class." Mr.Crater said interrupting my thoughts. "I am Mr.Crater," he said writing his name on the boad in marker.

"Today I will be teaching you about adjectives in Spanish and after this little excersise I want you to tell me if the adjective comes before or after the subject it is discribing." He pointed to something else he wrote on the board. "Please read after me, Casa Blanca" he said. "Casa Blanca" the class repeated.

"Good, very good, now can anybody tell me what it means?" He asked. Hazel eyes raised his hand. Mr.Crater saw him and pointed at him.

"It means white house." Hazel eyes said looking at me. I looked closer at him. Wait, isn't he-

"Very good! Thank you Mr...?"

"Cunningham, Jared Cunningham." He said looking directly at me. I turned my attention on the board trying to keep a straight face on the outside, but on the inside I was pissed. Beyond pissed. I had to have a class with him?! Bruce's brother!?! My sister's boyfirend's brother?!? I should just change classes now, no way in the world would I take a class with him. But then a hand on my shoulder reminded me why I couldn't change classes.

"Is everything okay?" Rebecca whispered to me. I nodded.

"Don't let Jared ruin your fisrt day of school, scratch that, your senior year." she whispered fast. I sighed, she was right.

"Ahh Jared, very well than, you answered quite fast." Mr.Crater told him.

He chuckled and put a hand on his strong jawline. "Well I am hispanic after all," he said winking at me. I nearly threw up the pancakes I had right there. I turned my attention back to the board. Why couldn't I just kept looking here?

"Really?" Mr.Crater said looking impressed. "Well for the next question I'm going to need you to stay quiet then," He said laughingly.

"Will do." I heard Jared say. No way was I looking back again. Mr. Crater stepped back in front of the board pointing at what he had written earlier. "Casa Blanca."

"What is this word alone" he said pointing at the word "Casa."

"White" everyone answered except Jared who was laughing for some reason.

"And this word?" he asked pointing to "Blanca."

"House" everyone answered.

Mr. Crater paced the classroom and smiled politely. Gosh was he so hot! I glanced at Rebecca and we grinned at each other when he had his back to us. I guess having Mr. Crater as a teacher and Rebecca here would help the Jared problem.

"What if I told you, you were wrong." he said, causing everyone including me (and excluding Jared of course) to gasp. We patiently waited for him to explain.

"In English, the adjective comes before the subject in order to describe it. In Spanish, it comes after the subject," he said facing the board again. "Casa means house." Mr. Crater said writing the English translation under Spanish word. "And Blanca means white," he said doing the same thing to that word.

"So technically, the phrase on the board means house white, and therefore, again the adjective comes after the subject in Spanish which answers the question I asked you at the beginning of class." Mr. Crater explained.

The whole class looked like they just received a great lesson including myself. "Lets do another one but with the phrase: The United States." he said. Just as Mr. Crater began writing on the board the class phone rang. He stopped writing and went to his desk to answer it.

"Hello, yes, ohhh ...... I see. I'll send someone up right now." he said hanging up the phone. Scanning the classroom, Mr.Crater's eyes landed on me. Sucks to be the only redhead in class, let alone the whole school.

"What is your name?" Mr. Crater asked me smiling.

"Kaitlyn." I told him hoping my voice didn't sound Irish.

"Kaitlyn, would you mind going up to the library and picking up a teacher's manual book? They sent all of the textbooks except that one this morning." Mr. Crater told me. I couldn't really say no could I? Especially to those gorgeous blue eyes, I was always a sucker for blue eyes.

"Of course." I said as I got up to leave. Walking down the glossy floored hallway, I started thinking about my naïve little sister, Rose. My mom and Joseph have already had "the talk" with her, so I'm praying she had common sense enough to listen to them. This was my last thought as I opened the door to the library.

"I am here for Mr. Crater." I told the student aid who was sitting at the front desk. Her eyes quickly widened.

"Your taking that hot teacher right now?" she asked. So apparently Rebecca and I weren't the only ones who have taken notice.

"Yes, and he said there was a book waiting for him?" I asked her. The student aid nodded and pulled up a box of new shipment of books. She hastily started removing books to get to the bottom and get what I assume was the teacher's manual book. Some of the books she started removing caught my eye. They were The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins. I read the first two books of that amazing trilogy. I couldn't read the 3rd one because I couldn't find it anywhere, it was sold out. Then she began pulling out Catching Fire books. Could this school possibly carry the 3rd book?!?! When she pulled out the Mockingjay stack I literally cried.
"Can I check out one of those blue books please?" I asked her just as she pulled out the teacher's manual book.

"Huh, yea sure, here one sec." she said handing me the manual. After filling out my name and the date, she stamped the school's name on the cover and the address and handed it to me.

"There you go, its due in one month since its pretty thick, and your name is the only name on there because the book is new." The student aid finished telling me. I quickly thanked her and made my way back to class.

When I arrived back to class I gave Mr. Crater his manual and headed back to my seat. When I took my seat I suddenly got the feeling I was being watched. I turned around in my seat and caught Jared staring at me, a smirk on his lips. He noticed me looking and quickly averted his gaze to something on his desk. That's more like it I thought.

"Do we have any more classes together?!" Rebecca asked me. I turned around in my seat and noticed that I had two pieces of paper on my desk. I picked up the first one that had the Spanish alphabets on them. It looks like Spanish 2 was going to be easy this year.

"Now class remember, you are going to have to memorize the pledge of allegiance, not the alphabet." Mr. Crater said while gazing at me amusingly. Rebecca noticed and giggled at me, while I sat there flipping the paper over and looking at the pledge of allegiance trying to hide the fact that I was blushing violently. How many times this year will I blush in his class I though worriedly.

"So do we?" Rebecca asked again stifling giggles. I rolled my eyes at her not amused and picked up the other piece of paper on the desk. I stared at it happily, the classes on here were exactly the ones that I signed up for.

1st Block- S, Crater/ Spanish 2

2nd Block- T. Grant/ Government

3rd Block- B. Shay/ Physical Education

4th Block- V. Brown/ Calculus


5th Block- G. Anderson/ Zoology

6th Block- L. Smith/ English 12

7th Block- M. Coombs/ Visual Arts

"Here," I said giving Rebecca my schedule and grabbing hers.

1st Block- S. Crater/ Spanish 2

2nd Block- T.Grant/ Government

3rd Block- B.Shay/ Physical Education

4th Block- M.Coombs/ Visual Arts


5th Block- G.Anderson/ Zoology

6th Block- L.Smith/ English 12

7th Block- V.Brown/ Calculus

We gave our schedules back to each other.

"We talk all of our classes together except 4th and 7th." Rebecca said kind of upset.

"I know, at least we take the majority together, and how does it feel to take math last block?" I asked teasing her. She hated math with a passion.

"True and I hate it, you know I'm going to fall asleep." She said with a frown on her face. Know it was my turn to laugh at her. She rolled her eyes at me just as Mr.Crater made his way to the front of the classroom.

"Class I would like to-"

The bell rung.

Mr.Crater stood speechless as students pushed passed him to get out the door. I began to pack my things.

"Meet you in Government, I still have to find my locker." Rebecca told me. I nodded for her to go on. While I was walking out the door someone grabbed me by my elbow. I turned around and stood face to face with Jared.

"Well hello there," he said with a cheeky smile. His voice sounded nice and muscular.

I just stared at him. "Umm, Hi to you too." I told him. He opened his mouth to say something but then a jock friend of his interrupted us.

"Yo Jared, we're going to go by the football field and walk around, the cheerleaders are having practice this block." His friend said.

"I can't right now, I'm talking to someo-" Jared was saying but I didn't finish listening, I walked off, I would not be late to my class on the first day of school, especially not because of Jared.

The rest of the school day went by smoothly, Rebecca and I sat by each other in 2nd and 3rd block. Then had lunch in the patio outside, but instead of eating, we just joked around about the volleyball that almost hit Rebecca in the face due to her being on her cellular device. 4th Block was okay for both of us, we both sat with different friends. She sat with a girl named Mary and I sat with an old friend of mine called Nina, but their friendships couldn't compare to ours. It sucked that we had separate classes 4th Block. We finished eating the stale pizza that Rebecca assured me was there since last year. All of our teachers were incredible, including our 5th and 6th block teachers Mr.Anderson and Mrs.Smith.

Before we knew it, it was 7th block and it was time for Rebecca and I to go to different classes once again.

"Good luck in Art, Mrs.Coombs is really nice!" Rebecca told me smiling. I grinned, she was going to hate me for this.

"Have a great time in Math class, I heard only 7 people are taking that class right now including you." I told her while watching her smile turn upside down. "Text you later." I quickly waved goodbye and left her in the hallway before she had a chance to cuss me out.

Laughing, I made my way into my next class. My laughter quickly ceased.

Payback was a Bitch!

Sitting next to the only seat available in the classroom, was none other than Jared Cunningham.

"Sweetie, please take your seat, class will begin shortly." Mrs.Coombs asked me, smiling poilietly.

I nodded at her and made my way next to Jared which was l large desk with two seats. He was looking down at his phone but his eyes immediately light up when he saw me.

"Are you going to run away from me again?" he asked jokingly. Did he just have the nerve to say that I was afraid of him?

"I didn't runaway, and I didn't know you liked art." I replied. I actually hadn't, I would have expected him to take something like welding or another class with his jock friends, since none of them were here. Which did surprise me. He grinned at me and picked up my pencil.

"You can say I'm a rather creative person, and I find it quite funny to have two classes with you since my brother and your sister are hooking up." He said twirling my pencil in his hand. I tried to reach for it and get it out of his grip but he pulled it out of my reach and put it behind his ear winking at me. I shivered. I did not like his personality at all.

"Could you please give me back my writing utensil and they are not hooking up, they are dating." I stated firmly hating his choice of words. It made my sister seem like a slut and I hated Bruce for that.

"Sure, they are dating." He said mocking my slight Irish accent. I Hated him and Bruce with a deep passion. I gave up on trying to make conversation with him and trying to get my pencil back. Just as I was digging in my purse for another one, he held my pencil in front of my face.

"Here, I wasn't going to take it, I was just teasing you. You sure are a feisty one. I hope you will be polite to me at dinner." He said in a mocking tone. Dinner?!?

"What do you mean?" I asked him taken aback as I grabbed my pencil.

"Your mom kindly invited my brother and I to attend a dinner at your house tonight." Jared told me, a big grin on his face like a kid on Christmas morning because of the shock he caused me.

"I am not looking forward to tonight." She muttered.

I just stared at him. How??! What?!?!? No, WHAT???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jared and Bruce at our home tonight. Jared and Bruce at our dinner table tonight. Jared and Bruce EATING at our dinner table tonight. This was just too much. I don't like Bruce at all. He only wants one thing from her, and that is sex. I know this because my sister told me he has been asking her. I told her to tell him no and she listened. But I know how boys can be. And to top it all off, his equally diminutive brother was going to be there. I heard the rumors. He has slept with over half of the girls at school, excluding my friends. He only goes after the cheerleaders and easy girls. He has a different girl every week for crying out loud!

"Kaitlyn, you ok?" A genuinely concerned voice asked me. I looked up at the sound of Jared's voice.

"I'm more than okay, I am delighted to have you and your brother over for dinner." I lied through my teeth. My mother has always taught me to be polite. Jared's concerned frown turned into a full on grin.

"I'm glad you feel that way." He said. I just smiled at him even though I wanted to slap that pleasant grim off his face. I am not a violent person by all means, but the fact that Jared can get me to think that, says something.

"Hello Seniors! Welcome to Visual Arts. Today we are going to work on teamwork. So for this assignment, I need you and your partner to look deeply into each other's eyes. Focus on their color. When you're done with that come into the back room and try to mix up the color that you think best resembles their eye color. Then you will draw an eye and give your partner back his/her eye color. So then you will add the color that your partner has mixed up for you to your drawing. You would have mixed up your own color but this class doesn't have mirrors." She said laughing. "So does everyone understand the assignment." Mrs. Coombs asked. We all nodded.

You have got to be kidding me. I hated Karma. Wait till Rebecca hears about this.

"So should we start then." Jared asked me.

"Let's start." I told him already begging for this gazing session to end already. I stared deeply into his hazel eyes. They were light brown, with green and yellow specks in them. They looked soft, and caring.

"Jared, can you help me mix up some paint, I'm so clumsy." A blonde with a really short red skirt said laughing. How did she get past the school's administrators wearing that?! I hated her, one time she stole one of Rebecca's boyfriends, that slut. Startled Jared slowly tore his eyes away from mine.

"Umm, well hello there Ruth." Jared said beginning to smile. Slowly I began to get up. I needed to mix my paint and get started on my drawing. But I guess Jared took me getting up another way.

"Sorry, I have to help Kait-, my partner." He quickly corrected. Ruth looked me up and down. If looks could kill, hers surely would.

"Of course. See you later then Jared." She said giving him a loving smile and then shooting daggers at me. Why was she looking at me that way, I didn't do nothing to her.

"I can't, I'm hanging out with Kaitlyn later." He said smiling apologetically. He used my name this time, oh wow. This time Ruth's stare could bury me. Oh, now I get it, she's jealous. Maybe this would be a good time to get back at her, for Rebecca's sake. I hooked my elbow thorough Jared's, causing him to look so shocked like he saw a ghost. He also stumbled almost losing his balance. I stifled a laugh.

"Come on Jared, lets go." I said making my voice sound so sweet. The look on Ruth's face was worth it. She looked at me like I had just grown another head. Her mouth had even fallen into a comical "O". Feeling satisfied, I pulled Jared away into the back room. Once we were there, I quickly let go of his arm and got to work mixing, all the while he just stood there. He finally snapped out of his little trance and got to work, all the while staring at me. I pretended to not to notice. Back in the classroom we got to work drawing and painting our eye silently, until one of us broke the silence.

"Did you like the color I chose for you?" Jared asked me. I looked at the cup of paint. To be honest I haven't even paid attention to it. Looking at it my breath caught in my throat. The color in the little plastic cup matched the color of my exact eyes. A perfect honey brown.

I really didn't expect him to notice every detail. I half expected him to bring me a dirty brown, mud color. Glancing at him I quickly nodded and got back to work.

"The bell will be ringing in five minutes class, please pack up and clean your work station." Mrs.Coombs said.

I complied with her instructions and cleaned.

The bell rung.

"Will I guess I'll be seeing you later Kaitlyn, but for my sake, please don't burn my food." He teased me as he walked out the room. I rolled my eyes. I would never in a million years cook for him, pretty paint or not, that didn't change anything between us. I still despised him. Just as I was leaving out the door someone grabbed my arm.


"Hey Katheryn, I'm only going to tell you once. Leave Jared alone, he is mine." She threatened.

No way was she going to talk to me like that! I decided to fuel fire to the already burning flame.

"Its Kaitlyn, and that's not what Jared told me." I told her, laughing as the color drained from her face. With that I left. I was very nice and sweet honestly, but I was not about to get bullied by Ruth. Walking out the school, I squinted to find my mother's van. There it was. I was going to confront my mother about the dinner, hopefully I could talk her out of it.

When I opened the passenger door to the van loud screaming filled my ears.

"KAITLYN, OMFG, WE WON THE CONTEST, WE WON 3 TICKETS TO SEE AND MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rose screamed in my ear.


Rose saw her and hugged her. I climbed in the car and hugged the both of them.

"I'm so happy for you guys. You both look up to them as role models and the fact that you are going to go meet them, your role models, is really big. You guys deserve it. One Direction is really lucky to have both of you guys as fans, you both are amazing. I'm so glad your dream is coming true!" I told them causing both of them to start sobbing. Alison and Rose both hugged each other.

I turned back around and decided to talk to my mother.

"So One Direction huh? And about this dinner Mom, I think-"

"Kaitlyn would you please drive Alison and Rosemary to the concert? Its this Saturday. You heard them, well barley heard them, but they have 3 tickets, the radio host went to the school and gave it to them including back stage passes explaining everything. Thank God they did, or else they would have gotten suspended for skipping class and talking to the phone at noon. And as for the dinner, its happening, Bruce and his brother Jared are both going to be there, whether we like it or not."

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